Summer is here and with it comes the heat. And there are also the different methods to try to overcome the suffocation it causes. Without a doubt, the best way to cope with the high summer temperatures is thanks to the water. Soaking in the sea on a day at the beach, refreshing dips in swimming pools, practicing exciting water sports… What many people do not know is that, despite how healthy the water is, it can also cause some small problems in our ears. The best way to prevent these problems are good bath plugs.

Why should I protect my ears from water?

There are several diseases and problems of the outer ear (the canal of our ear) that are closely linked to contact with water. Therefore, summer is usually a critical time when these diseases proliferate. The most common problems and situations are:

  • Otitis: it is an ear infection that can occur due to the appearance of bacteria or fungi. They can be started by something as simple as a small wound that becomes infected. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid stagnant water in the ears since humidity is the perfect breeding ground for the appearance of fungi. Although it can happen in adults (especially if they habitually practice water sports such as, for example, swimming), it is during childhood when they are most likely to suffer from this disease.
  • Tympanic perforations: otitis can not only occur in the outer ear but can also occur in the middle ear (the area between the eardrum and the cochlea where the little bones of the ear are). This type of otitis usually occurs due to ventilation problems in the ear or due to the generation of fluids in this cavity. If it is very serious or occurs repeatedly, it can end up generating a perforation in the eardrum due to the pressure it exerts against it. And that is when we must protect ourselves from water, since moisture can enter the middle ear through this perforation, causing the otitis that has caused it to take much longer to heal or generate a new infection in the event that the eardrum perforation is already be chronic. And we are no longer talking about protecting yourself just to take a dip but even to shower at home.
  • Exostoses: very common contact with water can lead to abnormal growth of the bones that make up our ear canal. It is a typical problem for athletes such as swimmers or surfers (in fact, it is often called surfer's ear) and, although it is totally benign, it can lead to problems in the long run. On the one hand, in very extreme cases, it can plug the ear canal, thus making hearing difficult. On the other hand, if the person needed hearing aids, they could have problems inserting them into the ear.

What types of bath plugs are there?

We can find different types of water plugs on the market:

  • Standard silicone earplugs: they have a semi-rigid feel, which means that they do not conform specifically to the wearer's ear. Of course, they are usually sold in different sizes so you can find the ones that best suit the size of your ear canal. They are totally reusable and washable.
  • Moldable silicone or wax plugs: they really are a kind of putty that we put into our ear and that expands inside to adapt to its shape. They are effective in preventing water from entering but, with the pass of time and use, they end up losing their property of conforming to the ear canal.
  • Custom earplugs: they are made from an exact mold of your ear. They are made with a hypoallergenic and semi-soft silicone that allows its easy introduction into the ear canal but without ever becoming deformed. They are the ones that ensure total tightness for the longest time, since they always keep their shape. They only stop working if it's your ear canal that changes.

On the other hand, we find people who use foam plugs but we want to clarify that this type of plugs are designed to cover noise and not water. Therefore, they cannot prevent the entry of water correctly and end up losing their adaptability to the ear.

Summer is here and with it the refreshing dips. At Claso, we believe that you should not deprive yourself of anything, whether you have any ailment or not, and that you should make the most of these hot dates. For this reason, we offer you several solutions to avoid ear infections and that the lack of protection does not end up souring your long-awaited vacation.