audifonos digiales hearing aids

The introduction of Digital Hearing Aids into the market has been a real revolution: they are increasingly discreet, lighter, and offer greater freedom and autonomy. 

How do they work?

First of all, a distinction has to be made in the way analogue hearing aids work as opposed to digital hearing aids.

  • Analog hearing aids process the original sound signal electronically through a circuitry. The more you want to process the signal, the larger the system will be, which increases the risk of noise generation and sound distortion.

  • Digital hearing aids convert sound into digits that are then converted into an acoustic signal without affecting the quality of the sound, making it much more precise and clear than the sound of an analog hearing aid.

In addition, classic hearing aids were typically larger than we can find today and run on batteries, which made them quite heavy and visible. 

Digital hearing aids, in addition to being able to incorporate many more features can also be rechargeable batteries that greatly extend their life. They can be charged during the night and will last the whole day, without having to change the batteries and give the user more freedom and autonomy.

What are the advantages?

  • They are more precise than analog, because they work with a digital signal. Precisely for that reason they offer a sound of the highest quality and that is why many users choose this option.

  • They facilitate the reduction of the noise since the frequencies can be adjusted to increase those of the speech and to lower those of the noise.

  • They do not produce the annoying beeps either.

  • They can be reprogrammed and configured: you can modify as many times as you need, usually through a remote control or a button, to adapt to the environment in which you are at that time. Even certain smartphones allow adjustments from the device. 

  • They are becoming smaller and more discreet, and less heavy.

  • They tend to be more durable than traditional hearing aids.

If you think digital hearing aids are right for you, you can check with us or try them out for 15 days for free