How is the first time we wear a hearing aid?

The first days of wearing one or two hearing aids always require a process of adaptation, it is necessary to get used to the new situation and get used to wearing something in the ear. But, as in many other areas of our lives, this process of adaptation also applies in other circumstances of our day to day: when it is the first time we do or try something new we always need some time to familiarize ourselves. For example, getting used to new glasses or a new hairstyle also involve a little time in assimilating the change.

From experience we know that the adaptation process the first time a person wears hearing aids is about 30 days. During this period of time it is necessary to make weekly or biweekly revisions to gradually adjust the hearing aid so that the person gets used little by little to hear again sounds that didn't have in mind. In short, it is refreshing the auditory memory.

The first week is probably the one that arouses more emotions and is also the one that requires more will and patience. Usually the hearing aids are set at 70% or 80% so that the person does not notice much amplification and gradually assimilates certain sounds and noises that he does not know or has forgotten without being overwhelming.

It is highly recommended that during the first few days there is control of the situations in which the person is exposed so that sounds and noises do not overloading. Looking for quiet environments is the most advisable and little by little it is more viable to expose the person to noisier situations.

After the first week it is advisable to do a second review to talk with the hearing care professional about the sounds and noises that have been perceived during these days and explain which bother and which don't so that, during the whole adaptation period, the hearing aids are adjusted depending on these parameters. The same goes for the sounds that provide information and those that do not, such as the sound of air conditioning or the ambient sound of a restaurant. The latter are dispensable, so it is important to tell the hearing care professional so that you can adjust the hearing aid in such a way that it captures the useful sounds and leaves in the background the useless ones.

Generally speaking, during the second week the hearing aids are already adjusted 80% or 90%, always taking into account that it is important that the person perceives sounds and not noises. If the adjustment process with the hearing aids goes well, during the third or fourth week they already fit 100% and the person with hearing loss can already fully appreciate how he will listen with the hearing aids.

It is important to keep in mind that the first days with hearing aids are learning and assimilation, and here the mood plays a very important role. The best way to correctly adjust a hearing aid is with a person who is willing to try it and is predisposed to improve their listening. The effort in detecting what you like and what you do not like to hear is very related to the attitude and the illusion. Listening with attitude is important!

Regardless of the recommended weekly or biweekly revisions the first time you wear a hearing aid, it is also necessary for professionals to give guidelines, advice and recommendations to the person with hearing loss during the first period of time so that they know how to coexist with their new hearing aids and not get overwhelmed. To listen to conversations more distant in the subway, for example, is something normal. Just like listening to the noise of cars, even if they are two blocks from us, is also a situation that must be assimilated again.

During the first 30 days we also give instructions on how to place and use hearing aids, whether they are made to measure or not. The first time you wear hearing aids is also a learning process and you have questions that we help you solve: "How do I put my phone in my ear if I have hearing aids?" or "How often do I have to change the batteries in my hearing aids?". All these questions have answers so it is important not to let any doubt escape.

The process to follow the first time you wear hearing aids is very significant in order to find the right ones and feel comfortable. At Claso we know that the first steps when wearing hearing aids are the most important and that is why we take the time that is needed. If you follow a good process of adaptation, listening again becomes a pleasant and comforting reality.