The latest Integrated Xperience platform arrives with Signia. Platform that allows users with hearing loss to enjoy their hearing without interruptions and with complete comfort. Currently you can get this new and innovative platform in 5 different formats: Pure Charge&Go IX, the rechargeable RIC hearing aid that stands out for its elegance; Silk Charge&Go IX, the rechargeable intra that can be adapted without the need to make a custom mold; Styletto IX, the excellent rechargeable RIC hearing aid that stands out for its stylish and ergonomic appearance; Insio 9 CIC from IIC, invisible hearing aids tailor-made for people who are looking for total discretion.

If you want to know all the features that make these hearing aids so great, stick to this post and read on. We loved them.

Conversation-proof on the go

Not always when we socialize do we find ourselves in the idyllic situation of a one-on-one conversation in a quiet place. Sometimes we have to face much more complex situations because conversations are not static; they are dynamic and unpredictable. Attending a conversation while you are walking and your companions are moving at the same time is a situation that causes many comprehension problems for hearing aid wearers.

Signia wants to provide a solution to all the complications that people with hearing loss have to undergo on a daily basis and that is why it is the first hearing aid manufacturer to create a system to fix this problem. RealTime Conversation Enhancement is a system that allows you to follow different interlocutors in motion in a conversation and in real time so that the user continues to participate regardless of the movement of others.

Don't let the noise confuse you

Integrated Xperience uses an innovative technology called Augmented Focus that processes noise and speech separately and then, once processed, joins them again and creates a clear contrast. This technology minimizes the effort of the hearing aid wearer to differentiate speech from ambient sound and achieves exceptional speech clarity. 100% of Integrated Xperience users report brilliant understanding even comparing it to your old hearing aids.

Total comfort in compromising situations

When you use your hearing aids, do you feel discomfort hearing your own voice? Do you get distracted listening to it? Signia's latest platform incorporates the brand's revolutionary technology that solves this problem that causes so much discomfort to many hearing aid users. It's about Own Voice Processing 2.0, and this fantastic feature that your hearing care professional can activate through a brief test in the hearing center, makes your voice heard naturally, creating a clear contrast that greatly facilitates listening. Furthermore, thanks to the function Auto EchoShield you can also get rid of another factor that makes your hearing more complicated: we are talking about spaces with echo. This function captures sound and performs automatic, real-time analysis to monitor and process those sounds to adapt your hearing to your needs and comfort.

Bluetooth connectivity

Signia's Integrated Xperience incorporates the latest in Bluetooth connectivity. It is the fantastic and innovative Bluetooth LE, technology that will allow you to use connectivity but with infinitely less consumption and a fluidity never seen before.

Even so, if your phone does not support bluetooth LE, also you can continue enjoying the ASHA protocol and bluetooth made for iPhone as with the previous platforms. You can check compatibility with your device at this link that we attach.

But do you know what these hearing aids are capable of doing with Bluetooth connectivity? Thanks to this function you will be able to pick up phone calls that come to your phone directly from your hearing aids. What's more, the hearing aids themselves will broadcast the call directly to your ear and pick up your voice so you don't have to put the phone to your ear, and of course, the sound they will emit will be adapted to your hearing loss and with all the quality that characterizes Integrated Xperience.

In addition you will also have access to “Signia App”, the intuitive application that will provide you with multiple functions so that you can always maintain control and enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest. You can even find an assistant based on artificial intelligence active 24 hours a day who can help you with all your questions or adapt to your personal sound preferences.

You will also have access to remote assistance, a feature that will allow you to make visits to your hearing care professional remotely so that regardless of your location and whatever your situation, you have the opportunity to make visits with your hearing care professional.

Signia is committed to providing hearing solutions that help people with hearing loss be brilliant, and as you can see, Signia's new platform has everything to deliver. We're sure you loved these hearing aids as much as we did but there is no better way to make sure how fantastic these hearing aids are than by trying them firsthand. Contact us to make it a reality.