The very first step for persons with hearing problems to hear well again and recover normality in their lives is to avoid denying its hearing loss. Yes, it seems obvious, but overall it's hard for everybody to accept that you do not hear like before.

The truth is that if you ask very often, "what do you say?", or when you're in a bar with friends sometimes disconnected from the conversation because it costs you to follow it up, or if you start to not like talking on the phone because it suppose you a huge effort, most likely you have some type of hearing loss.

Perhaps it is a very slight loss but also in these cases, a hearing aid can make you recover the life you led before. Contrary to what we tend to think, hearing aids are not just for deaf or profound hearing losses. Actually, they are used as glasses: If you have a hearing problem, however small, the hearing aid will bring you back to hear well and, eventually, end up by part of your routine, as glasses do when the loss is visual.

Hearing aids also get you better sound quality, for cases of sensorineural injuries that make us hear things distorted or "not so clear" as we used to. And they can also be very useful to cancel the feedback whistles or Tinnitus, emitting a reverse frequency sound beep.

In short, hearing aids are made to normalize people lives, rather than hinder it by wearing a device in your ear: if we hear better we communicate more easily, and that translates into greater security and freedom of who uses the heairng aid and greater peace of those around him. And the latter is whom we want to talk to finish this post.

It is not easy to tell your partner that he have the TV volume much higher than normal and should go to the audiologist, but from here we want to encourage you to do so, because it will improve his quality of life and your relationship will be as before, without taboos.

And we also want to encourage you not being afraid to take your child to an specialist if you see that he does not behave like other children, or it costs him more to learn to speak than to others. Think that learning is based on imitation and hearing loss makes very difficult to imitate sounds. If your child has a hearing loss, it is best to familiarize himself with hearing aids as soon as possible.

Let's go to the audiologist and use hearing aids when we need it! Solutions are already there, now we just need us to use without complex.