One of the things that will surprise you the most when you wear a hearing aid for the first time, is hearing sounds that you haven’t heard for a long time. Maybe some birds in the distance or maybe your neighbor' music in the morning, it depends on every single person and the frequencies where your hearing loss is.


Regaining certain sounds can create some confusion, because interpreting again environment sounds is not easy; to be comfortable with your hearing aid you need an adjustment period.


And what is adaptation? During the first month, between you and your audiologist you are going to adjust the hearing aid. This is achieved through constant dialogue, listening and letting yourself to be heard. You'll have to explain what you hear and what you don’t, when the hearing aid bothers you and when you think that it doesn’t capture the sounds correctly. Do you like jazz music, but you can’t hear the trumpets like you should? Still unable to go to the movies or the theater because you don’t manage to understand what actors say? Well, don’t be afraid to discuss these things with your audiologist. He will help you customize your hearing aid so that you can hear what you really want, according to your needs and tastes. But you will also have to get used gradually to everyday sounds that you stopped hearing and train again your auditory memory.


Throughout this process, the role of the audiologist is very important. He is the specialist who can interpret better than anyone what you are hearing, and the first to know that even if a hearing aid is helpful to hear better, you don’t learn to listen through it in the blink of an eye.


And if after this adaptation process you're still not happy with the sound or definition of your hearing aid, don’t give up, keep looking! Try another brand or other settings: each brand has its own audio algorithm and maybe the one that suits you is the one that you haven’t tried yet.


Because we are sorry, the truth is that in the audiology center we will help you, but only you know what you hear and the final decision will always be yours.