One of the things that surprises most people who put on a hearing aid for the first time is that they hear things that they had not perceived in a long time. Probably, logic is leading you to think that this is a good thing, that the more things we are able to hear, the better. But the reality is that when someone has become accustomed to their hearing loss, suddenly hearing many more sounds or noises can be a bit overwhelming. This is why, at the beginning, hearing aids fit more or less than 70% of their capacity. And that's why you will also need a period of adaptation to your new audition.


In this post we want to talk about this specific moment in which you will have to face these new sounds. And what sounds are we talking about? you're probably asking yourself. Well, since each hearing loss is on a different frequency, there is no magic formula that tells you what you will hear again, nor what sounds will be the ones that attract your attention or those that are more annoying you, but what we can do is provide you the cases that are repeated with greater assiduity:

- It is common for the voices to change, they sound different, especially when the loss is in the low frequencies.

- Also the perception of one's own voice is sometimes altered, which can be quite disconcerting the first few days.

- The music sounds different when you wear hearing aids, because you hear frequencies you did not hear before.

- It is quite common that the singing of birds catch your eye.

- Sometimes it happens that you hear your own footsteps (or other people's), especially the noisiest, such as heels.

- Computer typing is also annoying for some people.

- The wind affects a lot because, although today the hearing aids are wind reducers, you have to think that it is inevitable that the wind will strain in the very mechanics of the hearing aid.


These will be some of the new sounds in your life. At first, many of them will be annoying, as will other noises like the traffic or the murmur of a bar, but you will see how in time you will be able to enjoy your new hearing capacity. In addition, in this first phase, with your hearing care professional you can adjust the hearing aids to minimize annoying noises and leave only the useful sounds for communication, which as you know, is our work's final goal.