This is a common problem among users of hearing aids in in-ear format, that is, hearing aids that go inside the ear.

You wanted to buy invisible hearing aids and when it comes time to put them on, you discover that you don't know how to put them on.

It is very likely that for this reason, in addition to feeling the case in your ear certainly uncomfortable or feel like it's not quite right, there is a hearing aid malfunction. 

The hearing aid housings are custom made from a single conduit and therefore they will only be used for the duct from which the mold was taken. Besides, there is only one correct orientation to place them so that they fit well in your ear canal.

Poor placement of your hearing aid can also cause feedback effects. This can cause your hearing aid beep constantly and/or reduce the volume thus causing it to not be able to give you the gain that your hearing needs.

In this post we are going to teach you what is the correct way to put in your hearing aids. You will see that it is really easy and you will not have any more doubts about it. 

Keep reading to know everything:

1. Firstly we must locate the color markers of the hearing aids. One will be marked blue and the other red. We can find these colors in the letters marked on the casing itself for serial numbers, sometimes marked with a simple marking of a point on the casing, also if you open the battery door it is possible that the internal part is one of these two colors and your entire hearing aid may even be the corresponding color. These colors symbolize the side the hearing aids are made for. Blue corresponds to the left ear and red corresponds to the right ear.

2. Once you have identified the side to which each hearing aid belongs, the next thing you should do is find out as you must orient the hearing aid to insert it in the ear. There are different tricks to identify it:

- The extractor thread, which is the plastic thread used to remove your hearing aid, should always be at the bottom. Depending on the brand, model or simply by decision of your hearing care professional, you may not have this cable. If so, simply move on to the next point.

- The cover of your battery compartment should be oriented so that the opening tab faces the bottom of the hearing aid. This way:

- Red or blue letters corresponding to the hearing aid type and serial number should be oriented towards the part of the tragus, that is, towards the front of you.

3. After having identified the position in which you have to orient your hearing aids, you must insert the hearing aid into your ear canal following the natural way. You can help yourself by pulling the earpiece outward and turning the hearing aid slightly if necessary.

And this is the process of inserting an in-ear hearing aid. We hope we have been of help to you and that you now know how to put on your hearing aid without any difficulty. In the event that even after having followed each and every one of the steps that we describe in this publication, you have not been able to fit the hearing aid, go to your hearing care professional to solve your problem.