At Claso we don't just stop at hearing aids, we go one step further. 

We are committed to hearing focused on the needs of each person, since 2021 also including Advanced Bionics cochlear implants.

That's how it is, we are AB Official Center. 

If you press just here, we are going to direct you to one of our posts in which you will be able to learn about both the history of Advanced Bionics and all the services we offer as an official center of the brand.

On this occasion, we are going to show you the range of accessories that we have on display for sale on our website. We want to inform you of everything you can do with these accessories and that in this way you can make the most of your hearing. 

These products can be purchased both in person and online.

Keep reading to know everything:


Don't let having a cochlear implant affect your plans! These casings compatible with Naída CI Q they give you everything the protection you need to keep your processor away from external agents that could damage it such as water, sweat and even dust. It is ideal for children or active people. In addition, you can also find on our website a lanyard to wear around the neck as if it were a necklace.

To ensure the correct operation of this product, it must be used with the respective aquatic antenna cover and cable.


Among all the products, you can also find this clip for Naida CI Q. It is a kind of clamp that acts as support for your processor and allows you to place it where it is most comfortable for you and in the orientation that suits you best. A great idea for unruly children or occasions when you can't or don't want to wear your processor in your ear.

In addition you also have the version for the AquaCase aquatic box which we have talked about before in this post.

T-Mic Microphones

An extra microphone to achieve better sound. Interesting, right?

We have them available in three different sizes so that it can be used by anyone who needs it. You can find them in version for Naída the Sky CI Marvel and for Naída CI Q.

Aquatic battery

We have a somewhat unusual type of battery that you probably don't know about but we are sure that it will not leave you indifferent, especially if you are an active person or are one of those people who live summer to the fullest. This is an aquatic battery for Naída or Sky CI Marvel what it gives you 18 hours of submersible container. How does it sound to you?

This device must be used together with a water antenna and a water cable. Click on this link to know all the details.


Phonak is compatible with Advanced Bionics. This means that you will be able to use the bimodality between hearing aid and implant, in addition to being able to use the accessories that the hearing aid brand offers us.

On our website you can find several devices that can be very useful for you in your day to day.

With Advanced Bionics you can enjoy accessories as beneficial as the famous TV Connector or the magnificent remote microphones Roger On iN, Roger Select iN and PartnerMic.

We encourage you to stop by the Phonak accessories section, you won't be disappointed.

Furthermore, if in your case you have a Naída CI Q90, we inform you that there is a receiver, called Naída CI Connect, which is added to your processor and that allows you to have Bluetooth connectivity with your mobile phone or with the TV Connector accessory.


This accessory serves to avoid possible damage related to humidity. Additionally, it uses a UV-C light that eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Leave it running overnight and the next day you will wake up with your processor as if it were new. If you want to know more, click on this link which will take you to the purchase screen of the Flow-med dehumidifier in its specific version for cochlear implants.

And these are all the accessories that we offer on our website to use with your Advanced Bionics cochlear implant. As you can see, these devices promise to fulfill a multitude of functions that favor both better hearing performance and better functioning of your processor. In addition, they can help you solve different problems that we may encounter when using a hearing aid.

If you have any questions, we inform you that you can contact us. We will be willing to listen to you.