It is increasingly implanted, among society, custom or even the need to be connected night and day to our electronic devices. But what about people with hearing loss who cannot hear the sound coming from these devices correctly?

Wireless hearing aids are sound amplification devices that, in addition to alleviating hearing loss, allow people to connect their usual hearing aid to the different sound-reproducing devices that are part of their daily lives. For example, mobile phone, computer, television or voice assistant.

In this way, they are able to hear any sound coming from these devices directly from their hearing aids, without the need for the people around them to hear it. Therefore, they provide their users with a privacy that until now they could not have. And they do all this taking into account the hearing loss of each specific case.

Best wireless behind-the-ear hearing aids

The behind-the-ear hearing aids are those that are placed behind the ear and are connected by a transparent tube or a cable with the earphone that we insert into it. They are known to be those somewhat larger than the earphones. On the other hand, in recent years new models have appeared with a finer and more elegant appearance without losing their differential value; cover higher degrees of hearing loss.

Among the best behind-the-ear wireless hearing aids we find the new Phonak Audéo Paradise range, capable of adapting to the way each user communicates, as well as the different environments in which they are. Among them, we highlight the Audéo P90 R Hearing Aid known for providing a natural and clear sound that allows the patient to enjoy the sound as it should be heard, without losing any nuance.

In addition, they are prepared to be able to pair with up to eight devices via Bluetooth and even stay connected with two at the same time, simultaneously. For example, to the mobile phone to call hands-free or listen to music without anyone around you being able to hear you.

Best wireless in-ear hearing aids

In-ear hearing aids stand out for their invisibility, since they are placed inside the ear canal. Currently, the best in-ear wireless hearing aids we could say are the Virto M90 hearing aids from Phonak, as well as the LiNX Quattro 9 CIC hearing aids from ReSound, both of which stand out for the innovative wireless connection technologies they apply.

Phonak Virto M90 hearing aids are known for being the only one with a true universal connection. That is, these hearing aids are capable of being connected by Bluetooth to any electronic device (Television, Smartphone, tablets, e-books, etc.) offering the best sound quality and stereo for both ears.

On the other hand, the ReSound LiNX Quattro 9 CIC hearing aids stand out for being the smallest on the market with direct connection to the sound of the user's mobile phone, as well as with practically any audio source, as if it were traditional hearing aids.