If you search our website, you will be able to see all the prices of the hearing aids we have for sale. You will be able to see different brands and models of hearing aids at different prices. You may have thought that the price is determined by whether the hearing aids are rechargeable or battery-operated, whether they go inside the ear or behind the ear, or that it is determined by your degree of hearing loss. Well, in case you still believe in any of these three theories, we inform you that none of them are true. Hearing aids have one price or another depending on the range of features each one offers. But what are these benefits exactly? Today we are going to answer your question so that you don't have any more doubts:

Number of channels

As you can see, below we have the audiometry of a client's left ear.

Apart from audiometry, the graph represents the volume that a hearing aid is delivering to the patient's ear in order to alleviate their hearing loss.

As you can see, the volume is divided into different partitions. 

The first image corresponds to a hearing aid high end and has 20 partitions. The second image corresponds to a hearing aid low range and has 12 partitions. These partitions are the channels.

The thing is that the higher the range, the more channels the hearing aid will have. 

But, you may wonder: how does having more channels really help me? The answer is that the more channels the hearing aid has, the more precisely it will process and deliver sound. That is to say, when the hearing aid detects that it needs to reduce or increase the volume of one frequency, the adjacent frequencies will not be affected as much in a high range as can happen with a low range hearing aid.

Sound environments

Hearing aids are made up of automatic programs that detect the environment you are in and act based on it.

The higher the range, the more environments it will detect and therefore the more precise the adaptation will be. A high-end hearing aid recognizes a greater number of noises and reduces them more successfully. In addition, the microphones focus speech more precisely, thus helping understanding in complicated environments.

Also, in case you have a problem in any situation, hearing care professionals will have the possibility of modifying only the automatic program that acts at that time without having to modify the entire adaptation. 

The conclusion is that with a high range we will achieve greater adaptation accuracy than with a lower range as well as greater comfort. 

This does not mean that all cases necessarily need the best range of all. It may be that due to your lifestyle, type of audiometry, among other reasons, you are not going to take advantage of all the benefits that one of these hearing aids provides and that with a lower range you can solve your hearing loss. Anyway, ask a hearing care professional about your specific case so they can recommend the best option.