Do cheap hearing aids exist?

Of course, in the market there are several models that fit different budgets, but you have to take into account several things.
The first thing to be clear is that in Claso or hearing care professionals in general, we always recommend the hearing aid that suits you the best, considering your case and what type of hearing loss you have.

When choosing a hearing aid you can always choose a cheap model, but you must keep in mind that the more economical models have less benefits. The final decision logically is yours, but we always advise you, as we explained in this post, the best model of hearing aid based on your hearing situation, your aesthetic criteria and ease of manipulation as well as taking into account your lifestyle. With all these data we already declined towards a range of hearing aids or another.

Range is often what modifies the price and is directly related to the social activity of the person and technology. There are several categories in the market: the cheap, the average or the "premium".
The more technology, the more adaptability a hearing aid has to adapt to sound environments. And, an important factor, if the mechanism is more complete, it provides more tools to the hearing care professional to adjust the hearing aids to your measurement and hearing capacity.

Although in the market there are hearing aids for all budgets, it must be clear that one thing is the price of hearing aids and another the price of professional service.
The price of hearing aids is the real price because it is the price of the adapted hearing aid. But then, it's up to you to choose the hearing service you want to receive.
In Claso we like the idea that everyone should have the last word to choose what service you want, just like if you go to the restaurant and want to eat a menu or not. That's why we have designed the Claso Care service. This service allows a very wide geographic freedom, because having the hearing aid you want is not at odds with your location.

Looking for a cheap hearing aid? Buy it with no added commitments. You can choose a hearing aid and then, if you want, choose our service and maintenance.
Are you coming by? Well you can also buy your hearing aid and come back to your home without compromising with us. Easy!