The price of a hearing aid can vary a lot, it will depend mainly on its performance. However, it is important to note that not because you have a greater hearing loss, the hearing aid will have a higher cost.

The price of a hearing aid varies greatly depending on the features it offers the user. Currently, in our online hearing aid store, you can find hearing aids with a cost that varies from € 599.00 to € 2,269. Of course, it should be noted that not because the user has a greater hearing loss, the cost of the hearing aid will increase proportionally, as well as its size will not have anything to do with it.

There is a false myth about the price of hearing aids based on their size or invisibility. Not because it is an in-the-ear hearing aid, apparently invisible, its cost will be higher. As we have commented before, the price will depend on the usability and functionalities that it offers to its user.

Quality vs. price of a hearing aid

The cheapest hearing aids do the primary hearing aid function, compensating for their wearer's hearing loss. Here you can learn more about the main functionalities of a hearing aid. However, this type of hearing aid does not offer the user state-of-the-art features that make it easier for him to combine his busy day to day, surrounded by state-of-the-art devices, with his hearing loss.

Some of the features that DO NOT determine the price of a hearing aid are:

  • Charge type: rechargeable hearing aids will cost slightly more than battery-powered hearing aids. However, they provide savings in batteries as well as waste for the environment.
  • Wireless connectivity: wireless hearing aids allow connection to the audio output of different electronic devices that are part of the user's daily life. For example, mobile phone, computer, television or voice assistant.
  • Remote adjustments: the latest hearing aid models are connected to a manufacturer's own platform that allows the audiologist to adjust the hearing aids that the user wears at home remotely.
  • Sound customization: state-of-the-art hearing aids connected to a mobile application allow the user to customize sound levels according to the environment in which they are. This allows them to automate sound comfort based on where they are.

Instead, the benefits that DO determine the price of a hearing aid:

  • Comfort: Automatic noise cancellation from the hearing aid is key to determining user comfort and facilitating communication. Against more noise reduction systems, a more expensive model will be.
  • Directionality of the microphones: The more ability the microphones have to focus the speech that the user needs to understand, the more expensive it will be as well. This feature is essential when it comes to improving understanding in difficult environments.
  • Number of channels: This determines how accurately the hearing aid processes sound and translates into clearer voices. The more channels or bands, the more precision and clarity of the sound and better hearing performance.
  • Automatic detection of environments: The hearing aids are capable of automatically detecting the environment that surrounds us and adjusting to the needs of each user instantly. The more active our social life is, the more we will need hearing aids to have these types of benefits.

The more of these features the hearing aid includes, the higher its price. However, many times, when buying a hearing aid we are not aware of how it will affect our day to day lives and we make the serious mistake of being guided by its price. From Claso we will always recommend the hearing aid that best suits you and your needs. It is key to consider the value for money of a hearing aid before buying it.

State-of-the-art hearing aids from 1 euro a day

Acquiring a state-of-the-art hearing aid seems like it has to be extremely expensive. However, with the Claso financing service, there are models that will not cost the user more than 1 euro a day, including the Claso Care service.

All of them can be purchased directly from our online store or in any of our hearing centers in person. Get in touch with us and we will recommend the hearing aid that best suits your situation, both physically and economically. We will make your day to day change completely thanks to the latest technology in hearing aids.