Hearing aid users often ask audiologists a multitude of practical questions… How should I clean my hearing aids? How often should I change the filters? These are some examples but one of the main questions is regarding its durability and its possible renovation in the future.

Listening well means quality of life

To answer this question, the main thing is to be clear about the benefits that hearing aids bring us. It is not so much that hearing aids allow us to hear better but what that better hearing gives us. Hearing aids allow us to understand other people, which leads us to interact satisfactorily with people surrounding you and, thus, improves our mood. They also allow us to do our best at work by being able to focus on tasks and not have to try too hard to listen. On the other hand, thanks to hearing aids we can fully enjoy our hobbies. We can fully immerse ourselves in music or enjoy a good movie, which makes our hearts widen. In short, hearing aids make us feel more alive and considerably improve our quality of life.

Therefore, wouldn't it be the most logical thing to try to update our hearing aids in order to enjoy the highest possible quality of life?

Small big changes

The world of hearing aids is continually improving on a technological level. Usually there is a time when a hearing aid manufacturer makes a breakthrough or focuses on an aspect that was previously overlooked, giving birth to a small revolution that will gradually improve and, in turn, influence the rest of manufacturers who will find their own way to achieve the same results. In this way, the big brands continually feed each other, thus advancing the hearing aid market.

On a technological level, the world of hearing aids is advancing at a dizzying pace. What was impossible yesterday is the usual today. What was a miracle the day before yesterday will be a reality tomorrow.

And how do these improvements affect me? You may be wondering. Well, in that all these technological advances are focused on achieving the main objective of hearing aids: improving the day-to-day life of its users thanks to better hearing. Sometimes it is a more effective reduction of ambient noise, others it is the improvement of the connectivity of hearing aids with other devices ... There are countless fields in which hearing aids improve, even some that we still cannot even imagine, but they always involve an increase in the quality of life of users.

A big jump

At this point, all that remains is to give you an answer to your initial question: how often should I renew my hearing aids?

Observing how the hearing aid market evolves and changes has shown us that hearing aids are worth replacing every 5 years or so. In this space of time, each manufacturer has offered some substantial improvement in a specific field of hearing aids that, in turn, has generated a counterpart from its competitors. In this way, through the push of each of the brands in different aspects, we can affirm that current hearing aids are much better than those of 5 years ago in each of the systems that compose it. In one way or another, all these characteristics that make up a hearing aid (directionality, noise reduction, connectivity, power ... and a long etcetera) have evolved considerably in all brands. And this cycle is constantly repeated, making sure that every 5 years we are completely sure that your quality of life will improve if you renew the model of your hearing aids.

Claso audiologists believe that it is advisable to renew hearing aids every 5 years. In that space of time, the benefits they provide have already taken a considerable leap that is reflected in the results that we can achieve as professionals. This increase in possibilities translates into better performance of the hearing aids and greater adaptability to the different sound environments in which the user may find himself. Therefore, at each generational leap, users can hear better than before. And, as we said before, that better hearing is reflected in the user's everyday life, thus improving her quality of life. And at Claso, our greatest concern is that all of our patients live a full and happy life.