We know that ringing in the ears or tinnitus can be very annoying, so today we want to talk to you about 3 very simple exercises to end them.

Tinnitus, also known as tinnitus, are those high-pitched beeps that we sometimes hear in one or both ears and that, however, do not come from outside sound. It is a simple auditory perception that only the person who is suffering can hear.

We know that on many occasions they can become extremely annoying, so today we want to talk to you about one of its main causes, cervical contracture.

Muscle tensions, both in the neck and in the maxillofacial area, are directly related to episodes of tinnitus. This is because these muscles are so close to the ear that they radiate the pain, turning into these annoying beeps.

Therefore, today we want to share with you 3 very simple exercises that will end tinnitus caused by muscle tension.

3 exercises to eliminate tinnitus

To perform these 3 exercises you will only need: a space where you can be calm sitting in a chair and a massage ball, the size of a tennis ball.

Let us begin:

  • Sit up straight in a chair and put one hand on your jaw. Leave your thumb on one side of the jaw and your index finger on the other. Open your mouth as wide as possible and then press down on your jaw for 2-3 minutes.
    It is possible that you feel that the beeps change and even intensify, at first this should not worry you if the pain is within an acceptable threshold. Keep working on it, this will mean that you have really hit the right path.
  • The second exercise to perform will be to massage the same area of ​​the jaw by pressing a massage ball. The movements should be spiral and if you feel that a particular point has more tension, stay there working. Make circular motions around this point. In this way, you will relax the tension in these areas and therefore, the tension that later reaches the ear will decrease.
  • For the third exercise we recommend you sit on your knees on a mat keeping your back straight. Then bend your left arm to make sure you don't move your shoulder and with your right hand stretch your head to the opposite side. Feel how your neck stretches and relaxes your muscles for 2 or 3 minutes. Then do the same exercise to the opposite side.

If after several days relaxing your muscles you feel that the beeps persist, or even intensify, we recommend that you visit an audiology specialist. In this way, you will know if the beeps lead to hearing loss and, if so, the degree to which it is.