Hearing aids are electronic devices. In addition, they are devices that are used many hours a day and that are in contact with secretions, exposed to humidity, dust, etc.

They don't sound like very good combinations, do they?

You will understand that it is not strange for a hearing aid to break down.

In this post we are going to explain how to detect the most frequent faults so that you can act against them.

Your Hearing Aids sounds low or no sound

  • It is possible that the receiver is clogged.
  • Also check the filters and change them if necessary. 
  • Check that the microphones are not obstructed and if this is the case, clean them with a brush. The Phonak cleaning kit will be very useful for this situation.

If you have not found a solution and your hearing aid continues with the same problem, go to your hearing care professional since among other reasons this could be caused by a wax plug.

Your Hearing Aids does not turn on

Battery Operated Hearing Aids:

  • It is an oversight that can happen and that is very easy to verify. Simply open the battery door and check that everything is correct. It is possible that the battery is exhausted, that you have inserted it upside down, that you have forgotten to insert it, that you have not closed the battery door completely, that there is some residue that hinders the contact of the hearing aid with the battery...

If it still doesn't turn on, go to your hearing care professional.

Rechargeable hearing aids:

  • Verify that the headset charges when you place it on the charger. It is possible that you have not placed it correctly and that it has not been charged because it has not made good contact. Check that the contacts are in good condition, you can clean them slightly to rule out that there is nothing that is preventing the connection with the hearing aids.
  • Check that the charger cable is in good condition. Check that the connector and plug are well connected.

If it still doesn't work, charging is intermittent, or the hearing aids light up unusually when placed on the charger, go to your hearing care professional.

Your Hearing Aids beeps when you wear it

If your problem is this, we have a fully dedicated post in which we will inform you in greater depth.

  • Clean the earmold or acoustic coupler of your hearing aids with a cloth that is dry or dampened with specific cleaning spray for hearing aids or with a brush to rule out that they are whistling for build up of debris or earwax.
  • If it is a BTE you can remove the tube from the hearing aid and blow on the tube or use a blower knob to remove moisture or obstruction that could cause this effect. If this failure is very recurring, we recommend the use of a hearing aid dehumidifier. Check the tube of your BTE and check that it is not distorted or bentIf so, try to straighten it. It is also possible that the tube has hardened and is causing this effect, change it or visit your hearing care professional to have it done.

If you have not found a solution and your hearing aid keeps beeping, go to your hearing care professional since among other reasons, this could be caused by a wax plug or excessive build-up wax.