Audífonos pediátricos

Childhood hearing loss is more common than we think. It is often detected in hearing tests performed on babies during their first days of life, although it is true that in most cases it arises as a result of preventable causes. It is estimated that approximately 34 million children worldwide suffer from hearing loss and for many of them the best solution is to use paediatric hearing aids. It is the parents who choose with the help of a professional the ideal model for their children, do you know what should be taken into account when choosing pediatric hearing aids?

Keys to choosing the ideal pediatric hearing aids for children

  • Once the child's hearing loss has been diagnosed, depending on the age of the child and having a clear recommendation from the professional to use pediatric hearing aids, it is necessary to place them as soon as possible so that the child (especially if it is very young) does not have problems in the development of language and has access to it early.
  • Depending on their age, children may not know exactly how to explain their problem and are not as aware of their condition as adults. Pediatric hearing aids should be part of your daily life without being a nuisance, so ideally they should be as well adapted as possible to your child's anatomy and should not be uncomfortable.
  • Children's hearing aids should be robust and resistant to damage or deterioration.
  • As far as possible, both the child's progress and the hearing aid itself should be closely monitored to avoid failure.

Leox hearing aids - also for children

The Leox range of hearing aids from Bernafon is the first hearing aid with True Environment Processing™ suitable for babies, children and teenagers. Thanks to this technology, which seeks to create hearing experiences as close to reality as possible, it is possible to balance the high level of amplification necessary for children to compensate for the hearing loss without reaching levels of loudness not comfortable for the patient. In this way, it adapts to the needs of the child as they change during the stages of growth and education.

Advantages of Leox pediatric hearing aids

  • They are among the most powerful hearing aids on the market. The gain and maximum power output meet the needs of severe to profound hearing losses.
  • They detect real-time sound and process it so that it is easily recognizable.
  • They increase the perception of the environment.
  • Improve the perception of sound in noisy situations for a better understanding of speech.
  • Comfort in high volume situations so as not to compromise the safety of the child.
  • Resists moisture, heat, dust, oxidation and shock.
  • They are completely adaptable as the child grows.
  • They run on batteries, which are very easy to change.
  • Available in several colours to adapt to the personality of each child.
  • They are easily connected to FM systems in classrooms using an FM adapter. In public places, Leox receives sounds directly from induction loop systems.

Children's headphones at Claso

From Claso we encourage all parents to take their children to perform hearing tests (audiometrics) to rule out any kind of ailment or detect a problem early, because prevention is always the best medicine. In our facilities, in addition to carrying out the necessary tests, we also take the results if it has already been diagnosed and we are committed to offering the best solution.

We are committed to our patients and have the best hearing solutions for both adults and children. You can find the Leox hearing aids among our wide range of products.