In recent years we have become used to booking appointments through third parties: hotels, restaurants, beauty treatments, etc. It is unthinkable for us to book at the first hotel or restaurant that we see without taking into account the location, the services it has or the opinions of customers.

The same is starting to happen in the audiological sector. It is becoming essential to search, compare and find out before deciding on a specific hearing center, since the location of the center is losing importance among users. Other types of factors stand out, such as the degree of customer satisfaction or the specialization of the center. 75% of satisfied users associate their satisfaction with the professionalism of the experts involved during the hearing aid purchase process. was created to help families find the most suitable hearing center for free and answer any questions about people's hearing problems. Supporting the user throughout the purchase process is essential for us.

Sometimes we can feel lost when we look for a hearing center in our city. If this is the first time we are looking for a hearing aid we are also looking for a basic guide on the types of hearing aids we may need. For these cases, has a search engine for centers to find the most suitable one, and a comparator for hearing aids in which we can find the most suitable one based on our needs.

What factors do users consider when choosing a hearing center?

  • A good professional. A good audiologist must take care of each patient's hearing problems, dedicating time and energy to a thorough analysis of their needs.
  • Trial period. It is important that the hearing center gives patients the opportunity to take the hearing aid home for a few days.
  • Teleaudiology. It seeks to provide almost all services remotely, without the need for patients to visit the center.
  • Center services. One of the reasons that hearing aids are a high priced product is that they include the work of professionals.
  • Some hearing centers specialize in different branches of hearing. The branch of children's audiology is the most prominent. The centers have facilities and equipment that are designed to improve children's hearing.

For these reasons, it is important to carry out an exhaustive search for the most suitable hearing center, prioritize our needs and leave out factors such as the proximity of the center.

Why book through

The procedure is very simple: the user only needs to enter their address, and the hearing center recommender will recommend the ones closest to their location. The recommendation will not only be based on proximity, but will consider the satisfaction of the users with the hearing centers and their professionals to recommend the best. Only in this way will users be able to choose the hearing center that best suits their needs and requirements.

In the hearing aid section, they collect all the information on all hearing aids and their recommender is capable of solving price searches, performance of each hearing aid, etc. They seek to provide greater transparency to the audiological sector and offer information and assistance to users.

Before there was no website that allowed users to give their opinion and their ratings on hearing centers in Spain and that they were grouped on the same page. Patients who have had an appointment at the hearing centers leave their reviews on the center profile.

Also, until then, consumers had almost no way of doing their own research on hearing centers. This is why unbiased customer reviews is one of the features that most attracts customers.

Booking an appointment at a hearing center through third parties may be the best option to meet our needs. Audí can find audiology professionals in quality centers such as Claso.