Thanks to technology, today it is very easy to wear hearing aids without anyone noticing. But not only that, it also allows you to enjoy exceptional sound. The discretion and quality of the new models means that not only are hearing aids marketed for the elderly or those with severe hearing loss, they are also sold for young people with mild damage. Here's the latest advancement we've made available, the first intras with Linx Quattro CIC connectivity.

What are the new intras with Linx Quattro CIC connectivity like?

The new intras with Linx Quattro CIC connectivity are far removed from the old hearing aids for the elderly that were sold in the past. They combine a range of aesthetic, sound and functional factors that make them a revolution. Here are a few details:

Intras aesthetics with Linx Quattro CIC connectivity

There is nothing new about hearing aids for the elderly and young people of the intra-ICC type. What is new is that such small devices, which are placed inside the ear and are barely visible to the naked eye, have such advanced technology.

Intras sound with Linx Quattro CIC connectivity

The sound of these small hearing aids is exceptional. The clarity and cleanliness of the sound of the Resound LiNX Quattro allows you to enjoy all the sounds in the environment clearly. They also make it much easier to locate the source of those sounds.

Intras functions with Linx Quattro CIC connectivity

The functionality of these tiny devices is the most amazing of all. Never before have hearing aids been so small that they can be streamed to your smartphone whether it's iOS or Android. You can listen to calls, your TV shows or your favourite music directly, without interference of any kind.

And thanks to ReSound Assist, you can request updates and programming settings for your headphones. Your hearing care professional will make sure you always enjoy the best sound.

You can view these and other hearing aids on our website. You can go to a store, make an online purchase or fill out a consultation form to answer your questions. Go to our hearing aid website and see what we have prepared for you.