For many hearing aid users, smartphone connectivity has become an essential accessory. For this reason, Bernafon has surprised us with a new application together with the launch of the Alpha XT range. This application, in addition to offering us a different and very intuitive design, provides us with a novelty that makes it easier for us to use. And it is that the applications that we already knew, "Easy Control-A" and "Easy Control Connect", merge to offer us the functions that each of them already gave us but in a single app. That is, with Bernafon App we will have control tools for our hearing aids such as the telecare function.

First of all, if you need a hand to connect the hearing aids with your mobile device or with the application, we inform you that you can consult this link for a detailed guide to carry out the process. We also inform you that the application we are talking about is compatible with Alpha XT, Alpha, Viron, Leox and Zerena hearing aids and with devices with the operating system iOS 13 or higher, and Android 8.0 or higher. We recommend updating the device to the latest version of the operating system. In addition, in case you still have doubts, at this link you can consult a list of mobile phones that are compatible with the Bernafon App.

What can I do with Bernafon App?

Modify hearing aid sound

The first tab nominated “Sound” allows you to carry out the following functions:

  • Adjust the volume of the hearing aids both separately and together.
  • Change programs.
  • Mute the hearing aids.
  • Option to use your phone as a remote microphone (iPhone only).
  • Equalizer function for wireless transmission.

Hearing aid information

The "hearing aids" tab, located in the middle, is an informative section in which we will be able to observe the following data about the headphones connected to the device:

  • Hearing aid battery level.
  • Description of the format and model.
  • “Find my hearing aids” function.
  • Details about the firmware and serial number.

More benefits

In the last tab called "More", we find the following functions:

  • Remote adaptation.
  • Help and Support.
  • Enabling personal settings for data usage and notifications.
  • News and tips towards the Bernafon application.
  • Access to the technical details of the application as well as Terms, conditions and Privacy Notice.