Today we break the silence in audiology world.


Audiology is a great unknown, both for those who suffer some hearing problem and those who live it from outside.


In the background, there has always been too much distance between the audiology center and people, far "blah blah blah" and unattending customers fears, uncertainties and preconceived ideas that never come to clarify all. Why is this hearing aid that I've been recommended better than this other one? How it will be my life from now? What is the best solution that suits me and I can afford?


These are questions that are silenced by insecurity, lack of information that allows you to be more critical to evaluate your options, thereby leaving in the hands of audiological center, decisions about what is best for you. So many of those diagnosed with a hearing loss you still have doubts even if you spent a long time in touch with hearing loss world.


In Claso we want you as a customer stop conforming and end the silence that everyone has given good. Because hearing it is a fundamental right, and therefore you need things to be told as they are. Being clear and transparent about our prices and services, as you will see in our website, and giving advice and freedom to choose the services and hearing aids that you think are best suited to you. The Claso Formula and Claso Care are based on this.


Because only then can you be truly free.


Our commitment, therefore, and as it has been since we opened our doors, is to be absolutely transparent to you and approach the world of audiology. For whatever you do, and wherever you go, it is you who decide.


And so, if you come to Claso, it's you who speak and we will listen before advise anything.


So start trust relationships.


Let yourself be heard!