Ear noise is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. This symptom also receives other names, such as tinnitus. Below we talk about the causes and treatments for this type of ailment.

What causes ear noise?

There is no single reason why you feel noise in your ear. There are some reasons that may be behind this disturbance. Depending on the person who suffers it and what makes it, the sound, intensity and frequency may be different.

Noise in the ear indicates that there is a problem affecting the cochlea, the auditory nerves or, in the worst case, the brain. When one of these becomes inflamed, overloaded or stops working, symptoms may appear.

The most common causes of tinnitus in the ear are exposure to prolonged excessive noise, age, depression, stress, the use and abuse of certain medications, tobacco use, cranial infections and head tumours.

Types of ear noise and their treatment

Each patient may perceive tinnitus differently. The most common is a ringing in one ear. However, other people may perceive clicks, severe noises, or hisses. Some of the sounds can be disabling to the sufferer.

If these noises in the ear are caused by undergoing a prolonged noise on time, they will disappear after a period of acoustic rest. In the case of coming from the use of a medicine, they will generally disappear when the treatment is finished, unless it is very aggressive. And if it is due to illness, the solution is to treat that ailment.

In some cases, the sound becomes chronic and it is necessary to use devices that emit other sounds and mask the perception of sound. At Claso we have a wide selection of hearing aids so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Contact us and ask for an appointment.