Do you wear hearing aids and experience itchy or irritated ears? There are a few reasons why ears can itch, in fact, whether we wear hearing aids or not. In this short article we explain the possible reasons.

Hygiene of hearing aids and ears

If you don't clean your hearing aids regularly, they can accumulate dirt and wax particles that can cause itching and irritation. Also,  you have to maintain good hygiene of your ears. Lack of hygiene can contribute to the appearance of fungi, bacteria and viruses and that these can cause itching in the ear.

Fungus or other infections

As we discussed above, whether you wear hearing aids or not, another possibility is that you have an affectation in the ear itself, such as a fungal infection. If this is the case, it is necessary that an ENT examine you so that he can give you the necessary treatment. You also have to keep in mind, when all of the above has been ruled out, that itchy ears are sometimes a symptom of other health conditions that should be checked by a doctor.

Skin conditions

The existence of eczema or dermatitis can also cause itching, and there are also studies that indicate that stress or fatigue can increase the symptoms.

Sensitivity to some materials

On rare occasions, the materials with which the molds are made cause itching or mild allergies. But do not worry! Not only is it not common (in fact, it occurs in exceptional cases), but it has an easy solution. To fix this problem, your audiologist can change the model you are using to one that uses hypoallergenic materials, such as titanium. On the other hand, if you wear tulips, a change in size may be recommended to avoid irritation of a very sensitive ear canal.

Be that as it may, you should not introduce objects into your ears in order to scratch yourself! Avoid touching them and go to your audiologist as quickly as possible so that he can carry out the necessary tests and the pertinent actions to contribute to the relief and treatment of these situations.