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Audinell Biogliss Natural Oil 15ml

Audinell Biogliss Natural Oil 15ml
Audinell Biogliss Natural Oil 15ml
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Natural care and comfort

Audinell Biogliss is a natural almond oil with a double benefit. On the one hand, it is an oil that allows you to insert hearing aids and earmolds into your ear in an easier and more comfortable way. It is perfect for first time users or people with difficulties in the mobility of their fingers. On the other hand, Biogliss, being a 100% natural oil made from sweet almonds, takes care of the health of your ear by avoiding dryness or possible irritations derived from the use of hearing aids. An oil for your simple care that will provide you double benefits. This comes in a 15 ml container and it includes a practical brush for a better application.

How to use

  • You have to apply and spread a drop on the part of the hearing aid or mold that will enter the ear canal.
  • The application can be carried out with the brush that is incorporated or with the finger, making sure that it is completely clean.
  • Take care not to block the sound canal exit.
  • Being natural, it can be used daily without any kind of contraindication.

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