Some people are more likely to generate earwax in the ear. It is possible for wax to build up in large amounts and block the ear canal. If this happens, it needs to be cleaned, but not in any way. The ear can be damaged if not done properly. Here's how to uncover the ear the right way.

How to uncover the ear correctly

It is not necessary to clean the ear canal unless plugging occurs. Waxis a natural protection against external agents. In addition, there are organic compounds beneficial to the proper functioning of the ear. That is why it is not good to remove it unless a plug is created.

The ear has a flaking system that favours the natural elimination of dead skin through the external auditory canal. This includes the expulsion of excess wax. Even so, sometimes an excessive accumulation can occur and this is when it is necessary to intervene. How to uncover the ear?

There are several systems for removing a plug, but they must always be carried out under the supervision of a professional. These are the most commonly used to properly uncover the ear:

  • Softening or solvent products. There are a multitude of products for sale with different compositions to soften or dilute the wax. It is necessary to be strict when following the guidelines for its use.
  • Auditory irrigation. This method can only be carried out by professionals. Warm water is applied after the cap so that a light pressure is generated. This is responsible for pushing the plug out, releasing the plugged ear.
  • Manual extraction. The manual extraction by professionals is carried out with specific instruments. Among other ele ments, rods, a vacuum cleaner and, in some cases, a microcamera are used.

At Claso we have expert professionals in the ear. Visit us and we will evaluate the state of the external auditory canal. After an examination, we will recommend a personalised solution.