consejos para cuidar tus oidos


As you may have notices if you have read any of our articles, we at Claso care enormously about your hearing health. Obviously, we offer products and services for this purpose, but it goes without saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry. And the first way to prevent serious hearing pathologies is to take maximum care of your ears.

Despite all the hard work it does, the ear is a very delicate organ. Several elements can hurt our auditory cavities, especially if we are not careful.


Luckily, taking care of your ears doesn't involve a huge effort or the need to follow overly complex instructions. Without further ado, here are 8 tips to take care of your ears.


8 tips to take care of your ears


1- Protect yourself from loud sounds. We’ve already mentioned this particular topic several times, but allow us to insist. Intense traffic, construction works on the street or the loudspeakers in a concert or discotheque, all these elements can damage our ears. Avoid them or properly protect your ears.

2- If you use headphones, be aware of the volume. One test to make sure your headphones’ volume is no excessively high is that you can hear the sounds around you (for example, if someone calls you). It is also important not to abuse this practice for a long time.

3- Control the volume of the TV, radio or music. Similar to what we have been saying until now; it is not uncommon to set the TV volume too high, and perhaps we don't even realize it, but it is definitely not very recommendable.

4- In case of working with loud noises: use protective earplugs or insulating headphones. We talked about these products in a previous article, and we will repeat what we said then: use them!

5- The ears, always dry and clean. After showering or grooming, we recommend that you dry your ears well, as an excess ef humidity can lead to the appearance of fungus or other infections. However, keep an eye out when removing your earwax: some wax is necessary to maintain the ear’s balance and protect it from possible infections.

6- Avoid introducing foreign objects into your ear canal, especially swabs. Their use can cause irreversible ear damage.

7- In case of colds, infections or allergies, take special care of your ears. It is at times like these when your ears are most vulnerable and when you need to be more alert. Consult a specialist if you are not sure how to proceed.

8- Do not use homemade remedies without consulting a specialist. If you begin to notice a clogged ear and it does not go away after a few days, go to the doctor, but do not try to self-medicate, let alone with drops or other homemade remedies.


As we have said before, these are very common sense tips, but it never hurts to know them. Hearing health is very important, and we at Claso highly recommend that you give it proper attention.