The new hearing aids from Phonak, ReSound and Bernafon will revolutionize the world of audiology this year. We present you the best hearing aids for deafness of 2021.

It has been a couple of months since we started the expected 2021 and we did not want to stop sharing with you those who envision being the best hearing aids for deafness in 2021. This year the new technologies applied to hearing aids will be important, but remote control platforms will be the ones that will really make a difference.

This 2021 we highlight the development of Phonak Paradise, ReSound ONE and Bernafon ALPHA. All of them linked to their latest releases in hearing aids with the possibility of remote adjustments, both autonomously and from the trusted hearing center, rechargeable and with wireless connection to the main electronic devices of the user.

Phonak Paradise

The Phonak hearing aid brand is characterized by pioneering innovations at the audiological level. It was one of the first brands to launch a mobile application that allowed the user to adjust their hearing aid remotely. Now, his new line of Paradise hearing aids, with which he intends to renew the Marvel range, contains a powerful noise reducer, as well as an auditory motion sensor in order to adapt the sound according to whether the user is still or in motion. We talk in more detail about this new release here.

With this new release, improvements are evident, both technical and audiological, offering greater stability in the connections, as well as greater adaptability of the sound to the user's environment. Among its novelties in hearing aids for 2021 we highlight the Audéo Paradise and Naída Paradise hearing aids, the only two formats compatible with the new Paradise platform.

Resound ONE

The new Resound ONE hearing aids stand out for their M & RIE technology, which we already talked about previously. But now, in addition, Resound brings us Resound Key, the basic range of the brand that, in the same way as Resound ONE hearing aids, incorporates M & RIE technology capable of integrating a microphone and a headset in the same hearing aid. Allowing, in this way, to adapt the sound to any situation and environment without the user losing understanding of speech.

Both hearing aid ranges are compatible with the ReSound Smart 3D app that allows the user to adjust the sound according to the situation they are in and save different environments as favorites. One of its most curious functions is the search for the hearing aids if the user cannot find them. In addition, it allows the hearing center to make more complex adjustments remotely.

Bernafon Alpha

For its part, the Bernafon hearing aid range has launched its new Bernafon Alpha hearing aid model with innovative hybrid technology, which means that the user can hear natural sound even in complex environments. This new technology achieves:

  • A clearer speech signal while preserving the natural sound of the environment.
  • Balanced speech intelligibility and listening comfort.
  • It does not compromise speech intelligibility and quality sound.
  • Effective feedback protection against annoying beeps.

In addition, Bernafon already has its new EasyConnect app available that allows the user to make remote adjustments through a video call with their trusted hearing center, without the need to leave home.