Earplugs: types and uses

When faced with so many options, hesitation is the norm. The important thing is to have a hearing health professional, who will advise you and recommend the most suitable for your case. Our objective? That your smile does not disappear.

Earplugs are your allies in preventing hearing loss. We are all exposed to a large number of decibels (either for work reasons, where this happens continuously, or in specific cases). Whatever the situation, you can prevent the effects of noise pollution.

Earplugs: types and uses

Types of earplugs

Disposable caps

It is one of the simplest options, because they can be used occasionally or sporadically (some of them can be reused some more but it is not convenient to abuse them because they can damage the ear) and have them saved for an emergency. Most of them are made of foam, so they are very economical. The main drawback is that they follow a standard design, which adapts to most people, so that by not being customized they can be complicated to put on, uncomfortable or do not fit at all.

Reusable caps

This type of earplug is intended for those who have to use it more regularly and not sporadically, since its use can extend even years in time. The investment is higher but in the long term it is worth it. Reusable earplugs reduce the amount of decibels that reach the ear, but always offering a high level of acoustic quality, they are easily adaptable and generally very comfortable.

Custom pre-molded earplugs

Custom-made earplugs are mainly intended for people who are exposed to noise on a very continuous basis. For example musicians, DJs, or people who work with very noisy industrial or construction tools. These earplugs are custom-made from a mould of the patient's ear made by a specialist. It fits, adapts and accommodates perfectly and is an essential protection for the inner ear as it reduces the amount of decibels of any external sound, but always allowing the sound to be undistorted and the final result to be clear.

Let's look at two examples of people who need earplugs

Earplugs: types and uses

Ana does not concentrate in the office

Due to some works near her office, Ana has noticed that lately she is not performing as usual. Outside noise penetrates the office and is a nuisance throughout the day. That is why she has come to Claso to find out if there is a solution. And there is. Pluggerz acoustic earplugs are ideal for her because they provide hearing protection in situations where occasional noise can cause discomfort and lack of concentration. These earplugs will help her concentrate more in the office and even on her plane trips, significantly reducing annoying engine noise.

Why do we like Pluggerz?

Unlike conventional foam earplugs, Pluggerz reduce sound by 20dB uniformly across the frequency spectrum, giving a sound-attenuating sensation without modifying or distorting the essence of the sound. This is why they are widely used in concerts and clubs where high volume levels can cause irreparable damage due to continuous exposure.

Carlos does not sleep well

Earplugs: types and uses

For some time now, he has had difficulty sleeping but knows that a good rest is vital to face life with the best possible attitude and positivity. Before it's too late, he wants to remedy this situation. Our recommendation? The SleepWell plugs. This model was initially developed for people who had to rest during the day. However, it has been so successful that many people use it to avoid hearing their partner's snoring or simply to get some real rest.

Why do we like SleepWell?

Custom made for each person, each pair of earplugs is made of a very soft and resistant silicone. This way, Carlos will get into bed and will not remember that he is wearing them.

If you are going through a situation similar to that of Ana or Carlos, come to Claso. And if you are not but think you need earplugs too, our team is waiting for you too. Because being by your side is what matters.