When we start detecting to have hearing loss, some doubts arise. And it is normal, we are noticing a change in ourselfs and as in any new situation, we need answers.


Surely the first thoughts are somehow confusing and the steps to follow are not clear enough. We wonder several questions, often wrong, but very common: "I don't hear as well as before, am I getting deaf?" Deafness is something that we will teard in this blog, but today we will focus on where to go and how is the first visit to the hearing care professional, authorized and specialized in adapting our hearing aids.


The first steps to follow are simple, we wrote some ideas in one of our posts where we talked about audiometry and the utility that gives us this hearing test to know and define better the treatment we need to hear back again. But focusing on the first time we go to the hearing care professional, the approach is simple.


The first visit to the hearing care professional begins with a brief interview and has two main objectives:

  • Break the barrier, the person with hearing loss needs to accept and adapt to the new hearing condition.
  • Know the clinical history of the person and to study carefully which is the hearing loss of the person performing several tests.

The first objective serves, above all, to normalize the hearing situation that the person has now. Just as many of us wear glasses or gadgets, other people need hearing aids. And nothing happens, it's just a matter of explaining in detail the new hearing condition and giving all the information necessary to somehow accept the situation. Worries and "what people will think?" must disappear. What matters, above all, is your quality of life.

Focusing on the second objective, the steps that are followed the first time we go to the hearing care professional are simple as well as complete. Usually this first visit lasts an hour and a half and the first thing that the professional needs to know is what type of hearing loss we have and that is why he has to study each particular case. Sometimes some situations can disorient us, such as colds, which is why we must assess whether it is a temporary situation or need to deepen and work to improve the quality of hearing. The interview, in short, assesses the clinical history of the person with hearing loss.


Once the antecedents are known, the state of health of the ear is checked, it means, it is verified if the ear is healthy and suitable to realize the following hearing tests. According to the background, the pertinent tests are carried out evaluating symptoms, sensations, etc. And with the data that is obtained from the tests, the professional already has the necessary information to make a good diagnosis. Once the hearing performance is known, the social activity is valued. This point is important because according to the lifestyle of each person will recommend one or another hearing aid: it is not the same to treat the hearing loss of someone who does a lot of sport or who has a lot of social life than another person who is more lonely or advanced age. This point might not have occurred to us, but the social activity and the way of life that we have conditioned the type of hearing aid, especially in a technological point of view.


It is important to note that these last steps are fundamental to choosing a good hearing aid, so in Claso we offer a free first visit by doing a complete study: assessing the state of health of the ear and doing the relevant tests to know the hearing performance of each person , Always taking into account their background and lifestyle.


The next step is to know the available budget. As in all products and ranges, the price of hearing aids varies. But with all the information collected so far, the most suitable hearing aid for the person is recommended, always with the purpose of advising the one that best suits your lifestyle and hearing health.


Once the budget is stablished, we are already in aesthetics. Nowadays there are several models of hearing aids with different designs, the variety is great and some are not even noticeable! For some people the appearance of the hearing aid is important and for others it is not so much, it depends on each one.


And the last step, but not less important, is to provide all the information necessary to solve any doubt. Having the answers to the questions and letting yourself be recommended is paramount to successfully face the first visit to the hearing care professional. Listen and let yourself be heard!


The options to choose the best hearing aid are several, but it is important that we pay attention to the advice of the professional, after all this is our first time in the hearing aid center and we know little about the subject!


Once all the steps are done, it is time to choose the best hearing aid always taking into account -and we can guarantee this- that the options are the ones that best fit the situation and ear's health of eachone.