The price of a hearing aid can vary considerably depending on the type and features it offers. Therefore, it is important to know the range of prices between which they move before buying the ideal hearing aid for you.

Before buying a hearing aid, it is important to know between what prices the different models move, since there is a wide range of possibilities. As we already advanced a few weeks ago on the blog, the prices will basically depend on the benefits that each one offers to the user, but also on the type of hearing aid.

Price guide according to the type of hearing aid

We detail the price range in Claso of the different types of hearing aid:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are those that are placed behind the ear and are connected by a transparent tube connected to a custom-made ear mold. You can read more about them here. In Claso these have a price that can vary between 599 euros and around 2,200 euros.
  • Receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aids, unlike the previous ones, have a more discreet appearance, since the tube plus the custom mold are replaced by a small cable that connects the body of the hearing aid with the earpiece that is much thinner and precisely this it is placed inside the ear and not inside the hearing aid case behind the ear. Thus being able to reduce its size. These hearing aids can have different powers depending on the headset that is connected, which provides much more flexibility in the face of a variation in the user's hearing profile. Its price is slightly higher and varies between 699 euros and 2,200 euros.
  • Intra hearing aids vary between 699 euros and 2,200 euros, and their entirety is placed inside the ear canal, so they are almost invisible. For this, its casing is tailored to the user. Depending on the necessary power, they will be seen more less since the more power the greater will remain.
  • Pediatric hearing aids. Hearing aids for children need a different ergonomics, since children with hearing loss must continue with their day to day, especially active, without the delicacy with which an adult would treat their hearing aid is necessary for them. For this reason, pediatric hearing aids are more robust and in many cases have a more childish aesthetic appearance with which they feel more comfortable. For this reason, they are usually the hearing aids with a higher price, varying between 899 euros and 2,200 euros.

Factors that determine the price of the hearing aid

As you may have seen, the price of the same type of hearing aid can vary more than 1,000 euros and this depends, fundamentally, on its additional features. Therefore, we would like to detail what are the factors that will determine the price of a hearing aid.

  • Noise suppression: To offer greater sound comfort, there are different noise reduction systems that the more precise they are, the more expensive the hearing aid is.
  • Microphone directionality: The ability to detect the speech of the interlocutor with whom the user is having a conversation in noisy environments to be able to focus more precisely on his voice.
  • Sound precision: Depending on the number of channels the hearing aid has, the sound precision will be greater and will translate the different voices more clearly. Ultimately, people will be better understood despite the difficulties provided by the sound environment in which we find ourselves.
  • Sound customization according to the environment: Automatic adjustment of the sound according to the noisy environment detected by the hearing aid and the specific needs of the user. Automatic ambient detection makes it easier for the hearing aids to act more precisely and make understanding easier wherever you are.

Why are the hearing aids that we offer at Claso generally cheaper?

Generally, the price of hearing aids in Claso is usually cheaper than in other platforms or hearing centers. This is mainly due to the Claso Formula, in which we do not necessarily include the price of maintenance and after-sales hearing service.

For us it is very important that our clients feel comfortable with the purchase of the hearing aid and decide whether after their purchase they want to maintain our Claso Care maintenance service, or not. Its five-year contract is what would equate its price to that of other hearing centers.

That is why we think that being able to choose your hearing service makes all the sense in the world, do not pay for what you may not use and if you decide to pay it, it may be because you fully trust the professionals who treat you.