You have an Advanced Bionics implant but it turns out that you have a broken piece and you need to replace it as soon as possible. Maybe it's just that you want to have spare parts so that at no time will you be left without listening. Or maybe you only want to treat yourself to order a piece of a different color than what you are wearing.

Whatever the thought for which you have decided to click on the link in this post, do not look any further. In Claso we are an Official Advanced Bionics Center and we have what you are looking for. 

We previously made a publication in which we showed you all the accessories we can offer you. Click on this link and we will take you to said article.

This time we are going to show you all the spare parts we have for sale for brand implants. Keep reading to know everything:

Antenna cover

For the most flirtatious people we bring a whole range of colors of casings for your antenna, combine them with your personality! They are so easy to change that they will make you want to wear a different color every day. In the product description you can find an explanatory video to do it. We have them available for both antennas UHP 2.0 and UHP 3D.

In addition, you can also find the version for the AquaMic antennas, the antennas that together with their respective aquatic cable and aquatic casing, resist water.

Antenna cables

You will be able to see that among the products we have are the cables that go from the processor to the antenna. You can choose different colors and measurements, and you can also choose between the option waterproof or the normal one.


We have antennas for virtually any Advanced Bionics processor you may have. In addition, you can also choose it with an integrated cable, in its submersible version, with an integrated microphone, etc. Discover them yourself on our website where You have all the information about the products in their corresponding descriptions. We are sure you will find the perfect one for you.

Batteries and adapters 

Rechargeable batteries of all types, sizes and colors that you like the most so that they adapt 100% to your needs. And of course, we also have chargers for your batteries. They are available for both Naida CI Q and CI Marvel.

Also, if you don't like rechargeable batteries or you prefer to use batteries at times, you can also find battery adapters and, obviously, specific batteries for implants (Implant Pro +) that you will be able to purchase in packs of from 10 blister packs to 50.

Now you know where to look when you need to replace one of the parts of your cochlear implant. Don't forget that you have everything you need to know in the description of the purchase screen of each product, but in case you still have more questions, you can contact us at any time.