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Claso 05 Nov 2019 0 6913
For several years the ReSound brand has had devices that connect to the user's smartphone to make it easier to use the functionalities of the hearing instruments. However, these options were not ava..
Claso 12 Oct 2019 0 5364
There is a wide variety of hearing aids on the market, as many as there are patients, because it is important that they adapt to the lifestyle of each individual and the level of hearing loss presente..
Claso 12 Aug 2019 0 4394
Are you tired of not being able to follow conversations fluently? Forget about not feeling integrated with your environment, not understanding the conversations with your loved ones, or the discomfor..
Claso 21 Jun 2019 0 7874
Did you know that the first hearing aids were large and difficult to handle boxes and took up as much space as a small suitcase? They were nothing like today's small digital hearing aids, which can ..
Claso 19 Jun 2019 0 4886
Hearing aids are incredible devices that can help those suffering from hearing loss regain some independence in their lives. However, with all the amazing technology involved in hearing aids, it sho..
Claso 28 May 2019 0 3371
It is one of the most special moments for them because they finally step forward and communicate what happens to them. It's not simple, but it's not simple for older people in the same situation. Ho..
Claso 24 May 2019 0 3554
Did you know that 92% of French people would be willing to use hearing aids if they needed them?Of course they do. This result confirms two things: the first is that French society is not prejudi..
Claso 15 Apr 2019 0 8548
There's a difference between listening better and listening like never before. The Resound LiNX Quattro makes it possible and those who have already tried it don't want to hear like before. From tim..
Claso 17 Jan 2019 0 6845
At Claso we want to start a crusade that we hope you will share for the good of society, our profession and all those who are or will one day be hearing aid wearers. We want to contribute our bit to i..
Claso 10 Dec 2018 0 10775
 As you may have notices if you have read any of our articles, we at Claso care enormously about your hearing health. Obviously, we offer products and services for this purpose, but it goes withou..
Claso 09 Nov 2018 1 19271
 Hearing loss is associated with many factors, one of which is age. Our bodies inevitably lose their faculties as we get older, and our ears are no exception. However, there are pathologies that c..
Claso 12 Dec 2017 0 9673
 In the month of September, Phonak, the flagship brand of the Sonova group, presented its new Audeo B-Direct hearing aid model. This model is integrated as another format within the Audeo range of..
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