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Claso 03 Aug 2021 0 17034
If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may still be adjusting to this new situation. Take your time and try to do it as naturally as possible because at this stage, you don't have to miss..
Claso 09 Jul 2021 0 18421
Maintaining your hearing aids well is the best way you have to ensure their proper functioning and extend their useful life. Your hearing care professional can help you in this task through the peri..
Claso 28 Jun 2021 0 16144
As a society, we are increasingly aware of the health problems that can result from noise. Information campaigns have been carried out and laws have been created. Right now, it is mandatory that compa..
Claso 20 May 2021 0 6864
There are people who express a little annoyance to us with the noises around them once they put on hearing aids, especially if they are first-time users. In some cases it is continuous ambient noise ..
Claso 11 May 2021 0 15340
When it comes to enjoying Hearing aids, comfort turns out to be quite an important factor. It is still an object that you have lodged in your ear for many hours a day. One of the most important chall..
Claso 07 May 2021 0 23988
The number of channels in a hearing aid is one of the main factors to consider before purchasing a new one, as it can determine the degree of correction of your loss. The greater the number of channe..
Claso 04 May 2021 0 3578
ReSound is on a roll. In recent years, this famous manufacturer has been splicing launches, each more successful. Their last two generations of hearing aids are excellent examples of cutting edge tec..
Claso 30 Apr 2021 0 11320
Most people buy their hearing aids with the idea that they will stay with them for a long time. We cannot deny that they are a more or less important economic investment and, therefore, their users ..
Claso 12 Apr 2021 0 4868
Some hearing aid users tell us that they want a manufacturer to launch a model with which they can swim. Unfortunately, we always have to tell you that it is something that will take time to achieve...
Claso 06 Apr 2021 0 2918
The world of hearing aids is vast and can be confusing at times, especially if you are a first-time user. There are a lot of different brands, many different models… In this inmense wave of names, m..
Claso 29 Mar 2021 0 7998
The price of a hearing aid can vary considerably depending on the type and features it offers. Therefore, it is important to know the range of prices between which they move before buying the ideal h..
Claso 19 Mar 2021 1 5113
Less than a year ago, Phonak released its latest and greatest generation of hearing aids called Paradise. It featured great innovations, both in the area of ​​audiology and usability, and improved s..
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