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Claso 04 Feb 2021 0 16651
You have noticed for a long time that you listen less but now you begin to clearly perceive the consequences of a hearing loss. You have a hard time understanding your family, you turn up the volume..
Claso 31 Jan 2021 0 2769
It is increasingly implanted, among society, custom or even the need to be connected night and day to our electronic devices. But what about people with hearing loss who cannot hear the sound coming ..
Claso 25 Jan 2021 0 8802
Often the technicalities lose us and we do not know what name each thing has. In audiology, as in many other sectors, this also happens. That is why today we are going to clarify what type of hearing..
Claso 23 Jan 2021 0 6217
Rechargeable hearing aids, goodbye to batteries!We can no longer imagine living without rechargeable hearing aids and as proof of this, the best brands are increasingly introducing new models for ..
Claso 10 Dec 2020 0 7160
When we refer to one of Claso's favorite brands, it is very likely that we are talking about Phonak. Having them in our product catalog is synonymous with peace of mind. And we know that a brand that ..
Claso 12 Nov 2020 0 5749
Have you ever wondered why one hearing aid is more expensive than another? What determines its price? In today's article, we will address a topic that raises many questions and still contains some my..
Claso 17 Sep 2020 0 7676
ReSound has just introduced ONE, its new family of hearing aids. This famous manufacturer has always being involved on technologically innovating with the clear objective of making your hearing as or..
Claso 08 Sep 2020 1 8918
Phonak has done it again. They always manage to surprise professionals and users when they present a new hearing aid and their new Paradise series has not disappointed in this regard. On this occasio..
Claso 04 Aug 2020 0 54176
Hearing aids are a truly miraculous invention that help thousands of people with hearing loss to lead virtually normal lives. This is without taking into account the enormous advances in both technol..
Claso 21 May 2020 0 4730
If you are a hearing aid user, you have surely heard of Phonak. Maybe right now you're wearing some of his gadgets. It is undeniable that Phonak is one of the leading hearing aid brands globally. The..
Claso 21 May 2020 0 3843
Resound is one of the most important manufacturers of hearing aids worldwide, already being present in 80 countries. This relevance has been achieved thanks to more than 70 years of constant work and..
Claso 18 Mar 2020 0 5593
Who doesn't want to hear the sea breeze? Or the sound of the waves. Or even the silence. The new Phonak hearing aids make sure that you don't miss out on these little pleasures and they have done so ..
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