This article will be a little different from what we have you used to. This time we will not talk about loss levels, types of hearing aids, maintenance, technological innovations... In this writing, we will use a completely different perspective than the one we are used to. In this post we will talk about fashion.

A new world of colors

Many years ago, all hearing aids were made in beige. Color "flesh", as they say. Those were times when the stigma of wearing hearing aids was very present and manufacturers tried to make them go as unnoticed as possible. Fortunately, today, the prejudices regarding hearing aids have practically disappeared completely. This has led to their designs being increasingly worked and aesthetic, allowing the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of colors. Modern whites, classic silvers, plain greys, striking reds, luxurious golds… There's a place for every color in the world of hearing aids. In this way, they have become another fashion accessory. As with clothing, the colors of your hearing aids can be one more way of expressing yourself, of showing your way of being to the rest of the world. And, among the wide range of existing colors, we want to talk to you about black. As in the world of fashion, this color is always up to date.

Black is always in fashion

From fashion designers like Christian Dior to great tycoons like Steve Jobs, iconic figures from all walks of life have shown their preference for black. It is a classic that exudes elegance, sophistication and sobriety, which allows it to adapt to many situations and environments. It can be used day or night, combined with any other color, used to highlight an accessory... We could say that it is the most versatile color. In addition, the human being associates black with security, strength, intelligence and power. All this without taking into account that, within the world of fashion, it is considered one of the most seductive and sexy colors.

You can wear black at any time. You can use it at any age. You can wear it on almost any occasion” - Christian Dior

Today, the elegance of the black color can be found in many hearing aids. From small custom hearing aids to powerful BTEs or RICs, there is always a black option in all types of hearing aids. For us, the ones that we will comment on below are the most outstanding.

Best black RIC hearing aids

Among the RIC type hearing aids (those that go behind the ear with a cable that goes into the ear), the Phonak Audéo Paradise stands out, either in its battery or rechargeable version. This manufacturer has always opted for a variety of modern and elegant colors for its hearing aids and its latest generation was not going to be the exception. The black color combines perfectly with its small size and its design based on smooth curved shapes, fitting with this model like an elegant glove.

On the other hand, the Resound brand also offers the black color for its latest great RIC called ONE. Whether battery-powered or rechargeable, these hearing aids feature a stripped-down look and totally new shapes in the world of hearing aids. The conjunction of the black color with its innovative curved lines combined with marked angles, gives it a sophisticated and luxurious appearance that moves between classic and modern. A whole accessory behind your ear.

Best black custom hearing aids

It must also be said that not only this type of hearing aid has the option of this color. Since recently, custom hearing aids (those that are a single piece inside the ear) can also be enjoyed in black.

On the part of manufacturer Phonak, its Virto Marvel 312 hit the table hard by taking advantage of this color to give its first custom hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity a look of wireless headphones. Whether because you use them or because you regularly see them on the street, we have all become accustomed to the image of the current hands-free for mobile phones. So if you can use your hearing aids as headphones, why shouldn't they look similar?

On the Resound side, this manufacturer also has custom models in black. Also, in this case it is the smallest hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity: the LiNX Quattro CIC. It is also an intra with the spirit of a wireless headphone only that seeks to go more unnoticed. Being such a small model and in black, it does not stand out inside your ear. And off the ear, they exemplify exquisite design that exudes class and style.

Simplicity is the key to true elegance” – Coco Chanel

At Claso, we believe that black hearing aids are one of the best aesthetic options you can find. With them, you show all your strength and personality to the world, while proving to be an elegant and sophisticated person. Whether at a meeting or a celebration, your hearing aids will always be an excellent complement. Think that the most elegant personalities always have a black piece in their wardrobe.