Right now you may be questioning the existence of this publication, because at first it seems like a very obvious question. If this is your reaction when reading the title, you will probably be surprised to read what we are going to write to you below, most people are cleaning their ears wrong! If you want to stop being one of them, stay, we are going to explain it to you so that when you finish reading you will be a professional in hearing cleaning.

Do not use cotton swabs

Have you ever read on a box of cotton swabs “ear swabs” or some name like that? Take the box you have in your house and check it, I'm sure that the most related thing it will have with ears will be that DO NOT insert them. There is a reason for this, and it is that it can push the wax inward and cause blockages, that is, wax plugs. Additionally, in this same way you can damage your eardrum and cause irritation to the walls of your ear canal. This rule also applies to any foreign object you plan to put in your ear.

Do not use home remedies

We know that social networks are the order of the day and it can be very tempting to try homemade tricks when there is a problem that you don't know how to solve and you want to solve it immediately, we must be careful because some of these methods are useless and even harmful, here we leave you three examples and their risks:

  • Introduction of pressurized hot water:
    This method is used by professionals, when a person does not know how this technique is performed, there may be a risk of burns to the ear canal and eardrum, as well as possible tympanic perforation.
  • Oil introduction:
    It is one of the best-known home remedies to remove ear wax. It is not a proven method so it works and also, in the same way as in the previous method, if the oil is too hot it can cause burns and irritation. Other symptoms that you can risk whether the oil is hot or not are otitis and itching.
  • Cone therapy:
    Have you heard of the viral candle wax removal technique? The technique consists of placing a candle vertically in the ear canal and lighting it from the top; the candle will remain lit for up to 10 minutes. This technique is not proven to work and also already there have been cases in which burns occurred on the face, hair and even the eardrum. In addition, cone therapy also can cause ear plugs due to the release of the candle wax itself.

Clean outside only

The ear is cleaned naturally without having to do anything. In any case, you can use a soft, damp cloth to clean the visible part of the ear, that is, the area of the pinna, everything else is already done by your own body. In the event that you produce excessive wax, there are products that can soften the wax to avoid plugs to form, in our page website we have the spray anticerumen Odinell.

Although it can sometimes cause discomfort, wax is in our ear canal because we need it, it is essential to maintain our hearing health. Earwax is a protective barrier against infections, injuries to the ear canal and also protects us against particles and foreign objects.

If you suspect you have a wax plug, go to a professional so they can advise you in the best way and that can clean your ears properly and safely.