Most people buy their hearing aids with the idea that they will stay with them for a long time. We cannot deny that they are a more or less important economic investment and, therefore, their users want to amortize it for as long as possible. And then comes the million dollar question: how long can hearing aids last? As a general rule, the answer would be that hearing aids can last between 5 and 7 years although it is undeniable that this durability depends on several factors.

Good care

We are not going to deny it, the main factor is oneself. You have a large part of the responsibility for the durability of your hearing aids. As a user, you should keep several things in mind:

  • You must treat your hearing aids with care. This does not mean that you should have them between cottons but it does mean that you must be careful when handling them. You have to make sure that they do not fall to the ground too much, prevent them from receiving repeated blows, do not submerge them in water ... They are an important part of your quality of life and therefore you must pamper them as they deserve.
  • You must clean them regularly. Dirt of all kinds can end up affecting the proper functioning of your hearing aids. Therefore, it is necessary that you clean them regularly with products that are not corrosive or even specialized in hearing aids, such as Audinell cleaning spray. It is also advisable to periodically change the wax filters that protect the receiver. These are small details that can lead to faults that can be easily solvable but, if they happen repeatedly, they end up leaving your hearing aids with death.
  • Take care of your ears. A less obvious factor, which is closely related to the previous point, is taking care of your ears. You must keep in mind that your own secretions, whether they are totally normal or derived from some disorder, can end up affecting the useful life of your hearing aids. For example, the wax that we generate naturally can end up plugging or getting into your hearing aids. Therefore, a good health of your ear canal can help you to extend the life of your devices.
  • Don't experiment with your hearing aids. Many users try to fix themselves some faults that occur, such as the physical breaking of their devices. The last thing to do is try to fix it yourself because, despite having the best intention in the world, it is very easy that not only do you not fix it satisfactorily but you also add some new problem. For any serious problem, go to a hearing care professional.

Good after-sales service

Another important factor is that your audiologist offers you a good maintenance service for your hearing aids. It is very important that your hearing care professional carry out periodic revisions of your hearing aids since, in hearing centers, we have the capacity to carry out all the necessary cleaning tasks but, thanks to our machinery, materials and experience, at a much deeper level that you can make yourself at home. We also have specialized devices that allow us to objectively measure how your hearing aids are working and thus detect faults, even before you can begin to notice their consequences.

At Claso, we consider that a good after-sales service is an important factor when it comes to enjoying a good hearing as long as possible and in the best possible way. That is why we offer all these revisions and other added benefits, such as the extended warranty, within our comprehensive Claso Care hearing maintenance service.

A good choice of hearing aids

Finally, another important factor is the hearing aids themselves. Not all hearing aids are the same resistant and not all people the same. To take an obvious example, a young child needs hearing aids that are more robust than normal as, given the busyness of childhood life, it is easier for them to damage them. Or, to give another example, a person with limited mobility in his fingers should choose the hearing aids that he can manipulate more easily to avoid that they often fall to the ground. We have to analyze each personal case to choose correctly.

Another factor to consider is that manufacturers only have a legal obligation to guarantee 5 years of spare parts from the moment a model is discontinued. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase a current model, if possible the last one, as this ensures a longer time of availability of parts for repairs.

At Claso, we advise you to choose the hearing aid that best suits you, your needs and your lifestyle. We will take into account its possible durability and the use that you are going to give it, in addition to offering you the best after-sales service to take care of your hearing aids. Of course, in Claso we consider that it is also advisable to renew them every 5 years, despite the fact that well-cared hearing aids may exceed this period, since in that time there is usually some technological leap that makes the change worthwhile. For our part, we work so that this decision is always in your hands and not in those of the hearing aid.