The extraordinary Lumity platform seems to have no end, and we love it! Phonak with its new platform has given us excellent results along with the happiness of many customers, and of course we want to continue doing it. So what better way to do it than by being able to offer Lumity to anyone regardless of their needs and tastes? Well, we have something to tell you, and that is that Phonak has fulfilled our wishes: starting this March we can now also offer three new heating aid formats from their latest platform, so that whatever your situation, there is a Lumity that can light up your world.

From now on we can offer two new pediatric hearing aid powers: SP and M, because the little ones deserve the best to be able to develop efficiently. We can also enjoy one more power for rugged BTE hearing aids, specifically the earphone power SP. In addition, many customers missed the disposable battery format for RIC hearing aids on the Lumity platform, if this is your case, we inform you that it is your time! Now the popular format will also be available in disposable battery.

But do you know what are the characteristics that define Lumity? If you want to know them all, don't miss out on what we are going to tell you below!

With Lumity the words shine

The main objective that Phonak wants to achieve is the luminosity of speech, achieve the best possible understanding accompanied by the greatest user comfort even in the most complicated situations that people with hearing loss have to face, that is, noisy situations.

All of this would not be possible without the latest technology, its AutoSense OS 5.0 system, a system that incorporates more than 200 combination possibilities to optimize your hearing.

The new AutoSense incorporates a new Speech Sensor, which ensures that the microphones focus all their attention on the speech in any environment and regardless of the direction where the main speech is located, thus minimizing your effort to serve your companions. This makes comprehension up to 15% more effective!

Furthermore, with the Speech Enhances, the hearing aid gives strength to the faintest voices or distant voices. That means that with Lumity you will no longer have to make excuses that you don't understand why they talk to you weakly!

Additionally, the Lumity are capable of recognizing a multitude of sound environments and adapting to them in such a way that they behave in one way or another depending on the situation in which you find yourself, thus providing the excellent understanding that characterizes these hearing aids.

Listening should have no barriers and thanks to Lumity we can eliminate them all because Lumity adapts to everything from the most everyday to the busiest lifestyles. 

Connectivity wherever you go

Especially for you, for the restless asses who don't want to stop for a moment, Lumity incorporates remote support, an option that will allow you to make remote visits with your audiologist regardless of where you are. You simply have to contact him and arrange to start a remote visit through the application "MyPhone app", application that will also allow you to maintain full control of your hearing aids allowing you to raise or lower the volume according to your current preferences, create your own personalized programs... because listening is meant to be enjoyed without limitations!

Besides, thanks to the bluetooth connection and the device TV Connector, you can listen to your TV or other audio devices directly through your hearing aids and of course adapted to your hearing loss. This way you can enjoy your favorite programs with the unmatched quality of Lumity sound.

Another very interesting option that allows you to carry out the Bluetooth connection is hands-free function on phone calls. With Lumity you can pick up the call from the hearing aids, they will broadcast the call directly to your ears and capture your own voice without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Now you may be wondering: but will my phone be compatible with the Bluetooth of these hearing aids? Well, we have an answer that you will surely love, and that is: the Bluetooth that Phonak incorporates is "Made For All", this means that it is compatible with practically any mobile device, regardless of the operating system or brand.

Every time Phonak does a product launch, it leaves us speechless. It is clear that the pioneering brand seeks to improve itself every day and offer users the best quality for their ears. Surely after reading this publication you have been left wanting to try these excellent hearing aids, don't think twice! Simply contact us and leave your hearing in our hands, we will ensure that you live first-hand the experience of listening with the brilliance that Lumity will provide you.