ReSound is on a roll. In recent years, this famous manufacturer has been splicing launches, each more successful. Their last two generations of hearing aids are excellent examples of cutting edge technology. On the one hand, we have the LiNX Quattro, which are available in practically all formats, and the Enzo Q, which bring the advantages of the Quattro to powerful hearing aids. On the other hand, we also have the revolutionary ONE, exclusive to the RIC format due to their own idiosyncrasy. The only problem that could be attributed to all these models is that they were only available from the Standard to the Premium range and left out the simpler Basic and Essential. To remedy this, ReSound launches the new Key hearing aids.

Open the doors to your audition

The new family of Key hearing aids were born with the intention of bringing the best hearing to all people. As the brand itself says, "Everyone deserves to hear well" and, we add, without being overly dependent on your pocket. To do this, ReSound has relied on its world-class hearing technology and extensively tested on its previous higher-end models. Thanks to this, the Key provides you with a natural and totally individualized sound according to your needs. In this way, they manage to translate their goal of achieving as organic hearing as possible to the Basic and Essential ranges of hearing aids. We could say that these hearing aids are intended to be the Key that opens the doors to good natural hearing.

The connected spirit of Quattro

To create this new range of hearing aids, ReSound has mainly relied on the LiNX Quattro family and its connectivity facilities with iPhone and some Android smartphones, being able to use your hearing aids as hands-free or for streaming audio. On the other hand, the Keys are compatible with the same multitude of accessories that ReSound makes available to Quattro, such as, for example, the TV Streamer 2 to listen to television directly in the ears or its Micro Mic and Multi Mic microphones to allow you to understand the speaks in the most difficult environments.

Teleaudiology for everyone

Thanks to this inherited connectivity, the Key is compatible with the ReSound Smart 3D mobile application that allows you to control small parameters of your hearing aids, so that you can always be as comfortable as possible, as well as enjoy surprising functionalities such as, for example, the location of your hearing aids if you lose them. This application compatibility also allows you to enjoy the comforts of teleaudiology, with which we can make changes to your programming remotely. The ReSound Key allows you to enjoy these advantages in models included in the Basic and Essential ranges of hearing aids. Without a doubt, a great step towards bringing remote audiology to everyone who wants to enjoy it.

The variety is the spice

ReSound seeks that anyone, whatever their loss, can access better hearing. Based on the Quattro family, the Key is available in all possible formats, powers and configurations like their predecessors. From any RIC size to all the BTE powers that were already available in the previous generation, through its CIC model. The latter stands out as it is the first hearing aid in this small intracanal format that can have direct connectivity and, therefore, teleaudiology. A luxury within the simplest Basic and Essential ranges. In addition, with this new family, ReSound brings to the market the desktop charger for its rechargeable Key and LiNX Quattro models. A simple and stylish charger so anyone can enjoy the convenience of forgetting about batteries.

At Claso, we are always attentive to changes in the hearing aid market and we believe that the launch of the Key family is excellent news. ReSound has managed to design hearing aids with very good performance but within the simplest Basic and Essential ranges. In this way, this manufacturer demonstrates its commitment to improving people's hearing, whatever their circumstances. With ReSound, no one is left out.