Audiologists recommend one hearing aid or another depending on multiple factors, such as the type of hearing loss or the person's daily life. A very important factor to evaluate is the aesthetics desired by the client, in which audiologists have the role of evaluating and recommending the best, weighing all aspects. On this occasion, we are going to be talking about Signia hearing aids made for people who seek to combine their good style with their hearing health, hence their name: “Styletto”. These are the world's first Slim-RIC hearing aids. As you can see in the images, its slender figure adapts wonderfully as it forms a perfect harmony with the ear. But the best is not only in its aesthetics, it goes further: it is about the sound quality that characterizes the latest Signia platform “Integrated Xperience”. In this publication you have everything you need to know the details about the most stylish hearing aids of the moment.

Group conversations without difficulties

Group conversations are a challenge for hearing aid manufacturers, but for Signia they are no longer a challenge. With the new RealTime Conversation Enhancements system you will be able to understand your companions even if the conversations are taking place on the move, as would happen for example taking a walk with your friends or at a family celebration. This system constantly analyzes your environment and your movements to focus all the attention of the microphones on the speech sources you are attending to. There is no situation that can resist Styletto!

Noise is no longer a limitation

Styletto also analyzes your environment to reduce what primarily hinders your understanding: noise. At the same time that it analyzes your situation and focuses all the attention of its microphones on the people you are having conversations with, it also does so to reduce any noise that could get in the way. With Augmented Focus, Styletto processes noise separately and differentiated from speech in order to achieve exceptional clarity and without interruptions.

Comfort and understanding at the same time

Discomfort hearing your own voice is very common for people who wear hearing aids. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting used to hearing it, but there are other times that it is not so easy to soften the effect. For it, Signia has an infallible system that ensures that all these people can enjoy their hearing without problems. It is Own Voice Processing 2.0, a system that, through a brief test at your trusted hearing center, is capable of identifying your own voice and processing it in a way that sounds natural and consequently makes listening easier.

Furthermore, thanks to the function Auto EchoShield, another problem that can cause discomfort to people with hearing loss, is also solved: the echo. This function captures the reverberant sound, performs automatic and real-time analysis, and monitors and processes the echo in a way that makes you feel more comfortable in such situations.

Rechargeability wherever you go

Of course, these fantastic hearing aids could not be missing the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery that is capable of lasting a whole day without complications, specifically, 17 to 20 hours. Besides, the charger is super easy and intuitive to use: you only have to insert the hearing aids into their respective slots and connect them to electricity, or not, since the charger has a battery accumulator useful for up to four full recharges of two hearing aids. This way, wherever you are and whatever your situation, you will be able to charge your hearing aids without having to connect them to the power. This magnificent charger also incorporates innovative QI technology. Finally, you also have another charger model at your disposal that dehumidifies and sanitizes the hearing aids while you charge them. Styletto is up to date down to the smallest details!

Cutting-edge connectivity

Of course, Styletto couldn't do without Bluetooth technology, but it is not just “Bluetooth technology” but also incorporates the latest technology of the moment: Bluetooth LE. This technology promises to grant the maximum sound quality and with lower consumption to conventional Bluetooth. Allows you to connect to your digital devices and listen to everything that they would play through their speakers normally but directly into your ears and, of course, adapted to your hearing loss. In addition you can also listen to your phone calls hands-free: the hearing aids will be in charge of delivering the sound and capturing your speech so that you don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket, you will even have the possibility of picking up the receiver directly using the button on the hearing aids!

Even so, if your phone is not compatible with Bluetooth LE, you can also continue enjoying the ASHA protocol for Android and Bluetooth made for iPhone as with the previous platforms. You can check compatibility with your device at this link that we attach to you.

Your hearing aids, your control

Signia has its own application for hearing aids: “Signia App”. This application will allow you to have all the control of your hearing in your hands, so that with it you can modify the volume, view the battery percentage, change programs or balance the sound depending on your preferences and needs of the moment. Even in this same application you can find a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence available the 24 hours of the day that can help you resolve all your doubts.

Signia knows that not all lifestyles adapt easily to periodic check-ups and that emergencies sometimes occur at the least expected times. Therefore, with Styletto you can access visits with your hearing care professional remotely, so that whatever your situation and wherever you are, it can connect to your hearing aids and make changes to the programming in real time.

As you can see, with Styletto there is no possibility of error and, although its exterior is the most striking at first glance, there is no possible comparison with its Integrated Xperience technology. We are sure that, after reading this publication, you will have had the urge to try the most stylish hearing aids on the market. Now you just have to contact us. We will be happy to show you everything that these wonderful hearing aids are capable of offering.