ReSound pleasantly surprised us with the launch of its latest technology: NEXIA, hearing aids that promise great immediate results and take a big step towards the future of audiology. The format rechargeable microRIE apart from its wonderful technology, it also fascinated us because of its tiny size. But ReSound does not stop there since the brand is fully aware that each person has their own hearing needs, and what better way to meet them than by being able to offer any hearing aid format in NEXIA quality? That's right, from now on you can purchase the latest ReSound platform in format rechargeable ITC, the rechargeables BTE and PBTE, CIC, and RIC with disposable battery both in his standard version as in miniRIE version. NEXIA has everything to become one of the best platforms of the year 2024! And do you know why? If you continue reading this post you will find the answer.

Listen without limitations

Complicated environments are not a problem for NEXIA, these hearing aids are capable of performing even in the noisiest environments, offering an unbeatable result, but do you know how it does it? Well, with its improved system of 360º directionality, NEXIA is capable of recognizing the environment you are in, analyzing all the sounds around you so that it detects speech regardless of the direction it comes from and without giving up the sound of the environment.

Furthermore, with the systems Front Focus and Ultra Focus, not even the loudest situation will be able to resist Nexia. These systems, which you can activate through the Smart 3D application, direct the microphones in such a way that it mainly picks up the speech that is in front of you while minimizing all the noise that gets in the way of the conversation more efficiently than with the automatic system.

With the systems offered by NEXIA you will be able to enjoy conversations with your companions with all the clarity in the world!

Organic listening

ReSound aims to provide the most natural hearing possible, wants to get you to listen as a normal-hearing person would. For this reason, ReSound provides us with the M&RIE hearing aids for your RIC formats. These hearing aids incorporate a microphone that, when placed inside the ear, simulates a natural ear, in this way it is your brain that chooses what you want to hear as it would happen if your hearing loss did not exist.

The future of connectivity

NEXIA has something better than the conventional Bluetooth system, and that is that these hearing aids incorporate the technology Bluetooth Auracast. Have you ever heard of it? This is the bluetooth of the future! This technology will be available in multiple public places as a substitute for the telephone coil, in such a way that listening to the public address system at airports or plays, among others, will never be so easy for people with hearing loss, and also for those without! On the other hand, this bluetooth system also will allow you to connect directly to your compatible digital devices to make hands-free calls or to enjoy your music, videos or audios, and also with lower consumption and higher quality than the Bluetooth we already know. Do not worry if your mobile device is not compatible with this Bluetooth system because NEXIA still continues to implement the MFI protocol for connectivity with iPhone and the ASHA protocol for Android as with the previous platforms.

The Smart 3D app

ReSound hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity can connect to the app “Smart 3d”, an application with which you can manage your hearing according to your tastes and needs of the moment. With her you can change programs, modify the volume, view the battery percentage, among other functions that will facilitate and help improve your hearing life. Furthermore, with this same application also you can use the remote support option. In this way, regardless of where you are and the circumstances that may affect you so that you cannot reach your trusted hearing center, you will be able to make remote visits with your hearing care professional and thus modify the programming of your hearing aid wherever you are. With Smart 3D comfort is assured!

ReSound is clear about its objective: it wants to transform people's lives through the power of sound, with NEXIA it has more than achieved it. Contact us to check it.