Bernafon, the fantastic Swiss hearing aid brand, surprises us with its new products once again. This time with a new platform full of improvements that offer us what every person with hearing loss is looking for and much more! Bernafon has named these hearing aids “Encanta”, and what a good name! Well, how can we not love them with the fantastic results and quality that the Bernafon brand has offered us all this time? Encanta has begun its journey with a hearing aid in rechargeable RIC format, hearing aid that, as you can see in the images, stands out at first glance for its elegant appearance, but is even more interesting when you know about its interior. You won't believe everything this hearing aid is capable of. Today, from Claso Audiology, we are going to explain to you all the benefits that you can obtain by choosing Encanta hearing aids:

Total group understanding

Understanding in group conversations can become a complicated task, especially if the members are on the move such as in the supposed situation that you were taking a walk with your friends. For these types of problems, the new Smart Sensor technology has arrived, technology that analyzes your head and body movements to detect speech to whom you are paying attention and in this way fully direct the microphones towards the interlocutors, following their movements and reducing all the noise that gets in the way of the conversation. Encanta is in everything so you can enjoy your social life at any time!

Intelligent noise cancellation

Like we have already said, Encanta is also responsible for reducing noise to facilitate understanding. But not all noises are the same: the noise caused by a plate breaking when falling to the ground is not the same as the constant noise of a busy street or the soft noise emitted by an air conditioning that is on, and Bernafon knows this. For that reason Encanta has “Smart Noise Management” technology, an intelligent noise reducer that identifies noise and analyzes it to be able to act in one way or another depending on its nature. Even Encanta implements a type of noise reducer that is activated when the noise comes from the impact of some external agent against the hearing aid microphones (such as the wind or the rubbing of your own hair). With Encanta, noise will no longer be a limiting problem for your hearing.

Ultra-fast charging

The lithium-ion battery of the new Bernafon hearing aids is so fast that in just 2 hours of charging it can go from 0 to 100% battery life to enjoy up to 24 hours of battery life. In the same way, the charging system is configured so that in one hour of charging you can get 16 hours of power and 4 hours of operation in just 15 minutes of charging, isn't it impressive? Time is money and there is not enough time to wait for your hearing aids to take hours and hours to charge! Furthermore, the design of this new charger makes it very attractive, and not only visually, although its elegance is what stands out the most just by looking at it, and its use is also especially easy and intuitive: you only have to plug it into the power and Place the hearing aids in their respective slots. These slots are magnetized and this makes their correct placement infinitely effortless. It couldn't be easier!

Bluetooth connectivity last level

Of course, Encanta could not lack Bluetooth connectivity, but it is not just any Bluetooth since this is Bluetooth LE that offers lower consumption and higher quality than conventional Bluetooth. 

The benefits that you can obtain by using this function are many, such as use your hearing aids as wireless headphones with your devices, so you can enjoy everything that your mobile phone, tablet or computer plays through its speakers, but directly in your ears, adapted to your hearing loss and with all the quality that characterizes Encanta. You can check the compatibility with your device in this link that we attach to you. With this function you will no longer have difficulties listening to voice messages, videos or music. You can even use this function to answer phone calls without having to place your mobile phone to your ear, in fact, you won't even have to take it out of your pocket. With just a couple of consecutive touches on your ear, you can pick up, the hearing aids themselves will broadcast the call to your ears and their microphones will pick up your own voice so you can answer with complete comfort and without worries.

Listening to the television is one of the most important goals for people with hearing loss and, if all the connectivity possibilities that we have talked about previously were not enough, they also have the possibility of connecting your hearing aids to the television with the device TV-A connector. For blanket and Netflix lovers there is no better way to enjoy television.

The Bernafon App

Did you know that with Encanta you can do remote visits with your hearing care professional? It is one of the many functions that Bernafon offers with its fantastic and intuitive application "Bernafon App". We know that there are people who have such busy lifestyles that getting to the hearing center can sometimes be an impossible task. Therefore, we can use this option that allows us to make small adjustments regardless of where you are.

Besides, with the Bernafon application, you can also access different functions that will allow you to keep control of your hearing in your own hands: you can manage the volume, view the battery percentage, help yourself in case you lose them, experiment by creating your own programs based on your current needs...

After reading this publication you will understand why Encanta has become one of the hearing aids of the moment, and that is because the quality and all the comforts that these hearing aids offer us leave nothing to be desired. Contact us to try Encanta.