Teleaudiology is already a reality in the world of hearing aids. This implies that, from now on, audiologists can offer you all the services remotely with the only requirement of a mobile or tablet with an internet connection. Until recently, we could only make a few adjustments remotely but now all that has changed as certain technical barriers that limited us have been overcome. This implies that, finally, we can do reprogramming without the need for the patient to move. Probably, this last sentence has made you ask yourself some things, and then we will try to clarify them for you.

What do we mean when we talk about "readjustment"?

Audiologists usually refer to as readjustment or reprogramming the set of changes that we make in the operation of a hearing aid with the aim of increasing its performance and improving the user's hearing. These changes usually have to be made by a variation in the person's hearing loss or by a change in their daily habits that generate a new need. Beyond the gain, in these sessions various factors that influence the way the hearing aids work can be reprogrammed, such as the operation of the noise reducers or the directionality of the microphones.

What is this new online readjustment method?

The sessions consist of videoconferences in which the user and the audiologist establish a dialogue to be able to apply the necessary changes in the programming. These changes can be applied by the professional at the moment and in real time, which allows the user to verbalize their impressions regarding the changes at the same time they occur. Basically, completely the same as in person, as if the two were face to face inside an audiology centre.

What requirements must be met in order to enjoy this type of remote readjustments?

  • Obviously, the main requirement is to be a user of hearing aids that support this functionality. In our case, they are the latest generation of Phonak hearing aids, called Marvel, or Resound, called LiNX Quattro.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to have a mobile or tablet with an internet connection. In the case of Phonak, iPhone and Android mobiles are valid. If it is a Resound hearing aid, these are only compatible with iPhone although they will be with Android in the near future.
  • Finally, each manufacturer's own control applications must be installed on the mobile phone in its most current version.

As you can see, no complicated requirements are needed. With an object as everyday as the mobile, you will have enough.

We hope we have resolved the main questions you may have about online sessions. At Claso, we are betting on teleaudiology as we believe that it offers endless possibilities and allows the use of hearing aids to be brought closer to all those who need them but cannot afford to travel due to their personal circumstances. This readjustment method is the foundation for a better future for people with hearing loss. A future in which the vast majority of people, will be able to enjoy good hearing and thus fully enjoy the good things in life.