If you come from the previous post in which we present Integrated Xperience, the latest hearing aid platform from the Signia brand, we are sure that you were left with the thorn of knowing a little more about it. The innovative technology that the brand provides us and its excellent quality makes its adaptation a guaranteed success.

Today, in particular, we are going to be talking about Silk, the new hearing aid in intra-format that has features never seen before and that will fascinate you as much as we do. And this in-ear hearing aid can be adapted to any ear without having to depend on molds tailored to each person's ear canal, that's right, it is the first in-ear hearing aid with standard size.

Will Silk be your ideal hearing aid? Keep reading and all your doubts will be resolved.

Total understanding in noise

Signia has everything to ensure that you can understand your companions perfectly and even in the loudest situations. Silk analyzes the sound of your environment at all times and automatically identifies the noise that can bother you so much, reducing it instantly.

Besides, with its innovative OneMic binaural directionality technology, your hearing aids communicate with each other! They will exchange information among themselves so that together they can locate and reduce noise in the best way possible. This last function is a great success for Signia, since it is the first small-sized intra-CIC hearing aid that has this technology.

Rechargeable battery wherever you go

That's how it is, these fantastic hearing aids could not be missing the rechargeable battery, and what a battery! Well, even with its tiny size, this battery is capable of going from 0 to 100 in just 3 hours of charging, is prepared to last up to 26 hours. In the same way, charging them for just half an hour allows you to enjoy up to 7 full hours of use. Silk supports much more than a full day of action without complications! We also inform you that if your day has been more energetic than expected, don't worry, the charger of these hearing aids can accumulate energy for 4 full recharges of 2 hearing aids so that, wherever you are, you can recharge them without any problem.

Furthermore, as you can see in the image, the aesthetics of the charger are impeccable, it shines for its indisputable elegance that reflects its fantastic functionality.

All the control of Silk in your hands

Can you imagine being able to make online visits with your hearing care professional and from the comfort of your home? Well now you don't need to imagine anymore! Through the Signia App, you can receive programming made by your audiologist, so having a busy life, traveling or not being able to leave the house for any reason are no longer reasons that get in the way of living your full hearing life.

But this is not the only usefulness of Signia App, with the intuitive application you can access different options that will allow you to control your own hearing, such as raising or lowering the volume, changing the direction of the microphones, displaying the battery percentage, among many other functions that will radically improve your listening experience.

As you can see, Signia has revolutionized the world of hearing aids with the innovative Silk, a universal in-ear device that will allow you to enjoy your hearing without barriers and instantly. No one would say that so much quality could fit into such a small device. Without a doubt, Silk is a good option to solve your hearing loss. If you want to experience first-hand its fantastic technology, don't hesitate, contact us, we are waiting for you!