The prestigious brand Resound had already left us speechless with its technology based on organic hearing, implemented in its family of ONE hearing aids and which it has recently completed with its smaller format; the intra-canal format for ONE. But, not satisfied with this, it has now taken a big step forward by presenting a new platform that proposes that you can listen to what you want, in any environment, even with noise!, with the greatest ease and obtaining the best understanding achieved to date. Thus, the OMNIA platform has arrived in the Resound family, available in RIE format and in miniRIE format, which places the brand at the forefront of the hearing revolution with a versatile, discreet solution that covers even severe losses.

360º directionality

Staying true to its philosophy of organic hearing, which aims to enable you to listen with your hearing aids as similar as possible to how you would if you had no hearing loss, Resound has created its new RIE and miniRIE OMNIA by implementing a novel concept of directionality of the microphones: total 360º directionality. With this new system, these hearing aids "listen" constantly, and in 360º, to your environment, and locate the people around you to adjust the sensitivity and direction of their microphones towards them, wherever they are, without losing clarity or ambient feel. 

All this means that, with Resound OMNIA, you can hear up to 150% better in noisy situations; quite an audiological feat, since one of the great difficulties for people with hearing loss continues to be understanding in noisy environments.

Compatible with M&RIE headphones

Each ear has its own unique shape, so we all really do hear in a unique way. For this reason, Resound has made its new OMNIA compatible with M&RIE receivers, which incorporate a microphone that picks up the sounds around you from inside the ear canal, giving you better localization and a much more comfortable and natural listening experience.

Batteries or charger; it's up to you

The OMNIA are available with both a disposable battery and a rechargeable battery. The miniRIEs, which work with a disposable battery, are smaller in size and give you the convenience of having your hearing aids practically without interruption, with a simple battery change that you can carry out in a few seconds. On the other hand, in its RIE rechargeable format, the OMNIA gives you a whole day of autonomy with the convenience of getting rid of the batteries (and the economic and environmental expense that this entails), and of being able to easily place the hearing aids on the charger without the need for handle a small battery holder (or even smaller batteries!).

Connectivity in your hands

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids allow you to enjoy direct connection via Bluetooth with your mobile, so in addition to everything we have told you so far, you can use them to listen to messages, music, videos, or as hands-free for calls! We have already told you many times about the benefits of bluetooth connectivity in your hearing aids, because its merits are not few. Thanks to this technology, you can even contact your hearing care professional by video call so that they can readjust your hearing aids according to your needs, and you can access certain control parameters of your hearing aids thanks to the Resound Smart 3D app.

As you can see, the Resound OMNIA have a lot to offer you. Do not miss the opportunity to try them completely free of charge at your nearest Claso center, and discover the hearing revolution!