It is clear that Resound hasn't stopped working for a minute this year! In May we were able to present to you, in this blog, the extension of the ONE family -which began with the ONE RIC- with the extra powerful ONE BTE, and now we are going to the other extreme! The manufacturer's most advanced technology can already be enjoyed in the smallest possible format: the ONE "intra" hearing aids, custom made.

ONE: accessible technology for all

Resound has always remained with the utmost conviction in the path of technological innovation and organic hearing, and as you can see, with this new release, it has made the revolutionary technology of the ONE platform accessible whatever the needs of its user might be: from the robust and powerful BTE format, through the slim and versatile RIC, to now the custom-made ONE, the most discreet member of the family, which in its smaller size covers up to moderate losses, and in its ITC format, up to severe!

Organic hearing

This custom-made hearing aid is small, but very technologically advanced. Provides excellent understanding in any sound environment, even the noisiest. And not only that, but since they are inserted into the ear canal, they take advantage of the shape of our ears and allow the sound to penetrate our hearing system in the closest possible way to reality, since their microphones are located in the same place where people capture sound organically. Thus, sound localization becomes more natural and intuitive, and Resound once again makes us listen as much as possible, just as our brain would if we didn't have hearing loss.

Say goodbye to batteries with ONE in its pioneering ITC format

This larger format offers a fresh aesthetic, taking you away from the stigma of wearing hearing aids by giving this ONE case a modern, non-traditional look. It comes in a wide range of the most attractive colors, and its built-in push button and LED complete a unique look in the sector. But the ITC of the ONE family not only breaks schemes “on the outside”: on the inside, its battery turns it into an intra-rechargeable hearing aid that makes life immensely easier for users. Finally, wearing custom-made hearing aids doesn't require the fine motor skills that were required to change very small batteries every few days. Now the charger on your bedside table, at work or in the car does all the work so you can enjoy great sound all day long after just a few hours of charging.

Stable connectivity at your fingertips

On the other hand, Resound has not forgotten for this launch one of the historical milestones achieved by the audiological sector: bluetooth connectivity provided by the specialized protocol for ASHA hearing aids. Thus, the intras ONE in its ITC format make a reality the connectivity and audio transmission with your mobile (music and videos, calls, whatsapp audio!), the television, or even with your hearing care professional via a video call, where your hearing aids can be readjusted to suit your needs. In addition, communication with your mobile allows you to access certain control parameters of your hearing aids thanks to the Resound Smart 3D app. And, not least, this same connectivity allows the exchange of information between both hearing aids, so that the ONE technology manages to focus on sounds in a rigorous and optimal way.

You see: for all this, and much more, we invite you to stop by your nearest Claso center and ask about the new Resound ONE intras. Don't miss the opportunity to experience better, natural, comfortable and accurate hearing in any environment, in the most discreet format on the market.