Who said that hearing aids cannot be a fashion accessory?

We at Claso are in luck as Phonak has launched its new Slim hearing aids on the market that seek to unite two apparently disparate worlds: hearing aids and fashion. This historic manufacturer wants to completely break with the established in terms of hearing aid design, turning them into a fashion accessory. You may be wondering, has he succeeded? Next, we explain it to you.

The name of the new Phonak hearing aids fits perfectly with its design since Slim means thin or slender. These hearing aids have a slim appearance with soft shapes that, taking advantage of this long and slender profile, adapt perfectly to the shape of your ears, even when wearing glasses. In fact, they claim to fit so well in your ears that they have a different design depending on which side you wear them on, whether it's left or right. Combining its careful aesthetics and its ergonomics, the Phonak Slim manage to be modern and elegant hearing aids that you will find very comfortable to wear, as is the case with the best fashion accessories.

All these aesthetic advantages have been achieved without having to give up the high hearing performance that the Phonak brand is used to. If externally they have a totally new and innovative appearance, inside they have the same audio quality as the rest of the brand's hearing aids. At their core, they have exactly the same technology as their latest generation of Lumity hearing aids. In this way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: that of fashion and that of technology.

Phonak's Lumity generation of hearing aids includes its new SmartSpeech Technology that is fully focused on achieving maximum speech understanding in whatever listening environment you find yourself in. On the one hand, SpeechSensor is a system that allows the user to hear the conversation wherever it comes from, even from behind or from the sides. This sensor detects where the main source of speech is and adjusts its microphones accordingly. On the other hand, in particularly noisy environments, the StereoZoom 2.0 system focuses its microphones very closely in front to make sure you understand everything your interlocutor is saying. Phonak puts all the technological improvements at your fingertips so that your conversations shine with all their strength.

Finally, it should be noted that the Phonak Slim also give you all the usual practicality advantages of the brand. They are rechargeable hearing aids that, thanks to their easy-to-use charger, allow you to enjoy a whole day of listening without having to worry about batteries. They also have all the benefits of the broadest Bluetooth connectivity on the market. In this way, you can use them as hands-free for your mobile phone, use a control application that allows you to make changes to the settings of your hearing aids or connect them to the brand's own accessories such as television adapters or Roger microphones that help you in the more complex situations. And not only that, but you can also enjoy teleaudiology by carrying out remote adjustment sessions with your hearing care professional without having to go to the hearing center.

So, to the question that we asked ourselves at the beginning of this text, the answer is a resounding yes. The new Phonak Slim manage to unite two seemingly separate worlds of the latest fashion and cutting-edge hearing technology. With these hearing aids, you can be sure that conversations will look as good as your hearing aids in the most elegant places, whatever the listening environment.