This month, as you have seen, is full of news from Phonak. In the previous post we published we presented what's new on the Lumity platform, the platform that captivated us with its sound quality and the magnificent results it gives users. On this occasion we will be presenting "Terra" and "Terra +", the new basic Phonak platform that replaces "Vitus" (the old platform that will go down in Phonak history). With these hearing aids you can have access to the quality of Phonak technology and at the most affordable price, and although the technology they include is more basic than Lumity ones, it more than meets its objective! Both platforms are available in both BTE format with M, SP and UP powers and is also available in RIC format.

If you want to know all the details about Terra hearing aids, you simply have to continue reading, because we are going to explain all the information you need:

Proof of noisy environments

That's right, Phonak's most economical range offers you a pleasant understanding in the environment most fought by hearing aid users: noisy environments. Thanks to the latest version of Phonak's operating system (AutoSense OS 5.0) and its precise microphones, you can enjoy your hearing regardless of the space in which you surround yourself.

Terra is able to differentiate noise from speech and act based on the situation so that, whatever your lifestyle, the noise does not stop you.

Now you may be wondering: but how does it fulfill this function? The moment your hearing aids detect that you are in a noisy situation, they pick up the noise and reduce it considerably so that the speech sounds stand out above all the din. Furthermore, they also reduce the pickup range of microphones by prioritizing what is in front of you, so that you will hear the person you are talking to more clearly.

Bluetooth connection

With Terra you can now also enjoy the Bluetooth connection offered by Phonak to make phone calls, this option allows you to listen directly to calls through your hearing aids and, of course, adapted to your hearing loss, you can pick them up and talk without having to take the phone out of your pocket! Furthermore, this same benefit also allows you to hear all the sound that your phone emits normally, such as listening to music or voice messages. Can you imagine the clarity with which you would be able to hear your favorite music?

Phonak has a universal bluetooth system, this means that regardless of the operating system you have and the phone model, you will be able to use this function. In addition, in the same way you can also connect them to your tablet or your computer and even, if you are a user of Terra+, with the device TV Connector you will also have the possibility of connecting them to your television.

Connection with MyPhonak APP

Phonak offers access to the application ‘’My Phonak APP’’ for those people who want to have control of everything under their hands. With this application you will have the possibility of managing multiple functions such as controlling the volume of your hearing aid or modifying the sound and creating programs based on your current preferences for noise reduction, microphone directionality or sound equalization. Another very interesting option that the Phonak application offers is the function of remote support, with this function you can make visits with your hearing care professional from the comfort of your home or wherever you go, you simply have to make an appointment and start the remote visit from the application itself. The connection with MyPhonak App is not available for Terra, but it is available for Terra+.

As you can see, in the event that you cannot afford high-end hearing aids or you simply do not want to invest that money, you can access hearing aids that offer you quality hearing at an exceptional price, because Phonak doesn't want anyone to be left behind on the path to hearing health. If you are interested in knowing more about these hearing aids, contact us, it will be a pleasure to assist you.