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Claso 24 Apr 2017 1 10266
 Do you have a hearing loss and are you worried that you will not be able to attend some cultural activities because you don't listen well? Well, we have good news, if you do not know what the..
Claso 20 Apr 2017 1 6894
 'Itemized' Hearing Aids ... whaaat? If this is your first hearing this, it may sound weird to you, but we are sure that after reading this post you will understand and possibly share our poin..
Claso 19 Apr 2017 1 9793
 Hearing aids, to capture distant sounds directly, have connectivity. On this post we already talked about the connectivity linked to the technological advances of hearing aids and their operation..
Claso 05 Apr 2017 0 6160
 Do cheap hearing aids exist?Of course, in the market there are several models that fit different budgets, but you have to take into account several things. The first thing to be clear is that ..
Claso 03 Apr 2017 0 5764
 Prelingual or post-lingual deafness Failing to hear well or being deaf are two terms that are often used but don't refer exactly to the same. The issue of deafness will be discussed in another..
Claso 29 Mar 2017 0 6458
 Surely you have heard that "if you want something to last you, take care of it". Well, with hearing aids, this is exactly what happens: for various reasons, which we will try to explain in this p..
Claso 23 Mar 2017 0 5942
 If you are about to use hearing aids for the first time - or if you already wear them but have not yet gone to the first revision - listen us, this post will interest you. Because today we will t..
Claso 16 Mar 2017 3 12367
 Do you remember when the hearing aids were meaty, bulky and antiesthetic? Well, the panorama has finally changed, and a lot! At last we can already shout from the roof tops that custom hearin..
Claso 13 Mar 2017 0 5790
 One of the things that surprises most people who put on a hearing aid for the first time is that they hear things that they had not perceived in a long time. Probably, logic is leading you to thi..
Claso 08 Mar 2017 0 8081
How is the first time we wear a hearing aid?The first days of wearing one or two hearing aids always require a process of adaptation, it is necessary to get used to the new situation and get used t..
Claso 01 Mar 2017 0 5331
  When we start detecting to have hearing loss, some doubts arise. And it is normal, we are noticing a change in ourselfs and as in any new situation, we need answers. Surely the first thoug..
Claso 22 Feb 2017 0 3603
 At first, hearing loss is not only difficult for the sufferer. The people around the person with loss also have to get accustomed to this new reality and for no one is easy to know how to act in ..
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