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Claso 28 Feb 2019 1 20595
The word acupuncture, from Latin, is composed of acus (needle) and punctura, activity (-ura) of making punctures (punctus). As I'm sure you already know, it refers to an oriental medical treatment t..
Claso 25 Feb 2019 0 6331
 The Annual International Day of Awareness on Noise (INAD) is celebrated since 1996, every April 27, so we do not forget that noise (along with pollution) is one of the major concerns of citizens,..
Claso 15 Feb 2019 0 4319
 Every year 2,500 babies with a hearing impairment are born in Spain. Early diagnosis is the key to finding the best technological solution for the child but, at no time, should we leave communica..
Claso 08 Feb 2019 0 5417
 The human being is social by nature, so he needs to relate to others to survive. For this reason, the fact of hearing well becomes a fundamental aspect when it comes to relating with others.But..
Claso 01 Feb 2019 0 5792
The development of a child is something that undoubtedly concerns (and rightly so) every parent in the world. It is difficult to find parents who are indifferent in front of a child who, for example..
Claso 28 Jan 2019 0 6596
If you remember, not so long ago we talked about hearing screenings. As an important part of that review we mentioned the ability to hear pure tones through a headset. Well, today we're going to retr..
Claso 28 Jan 2019 0 37161
Today at Claso we’ve decided to talk to you about Otoacoustic Emissions. This term, which at first may sound complex, is not only simpler that it seems, but its use is also widespread in the world of..
Claso 17 Jan 2019 0 6758
At Claso we want to start a crusade that we hope you will share for the good of society, our profession and all those who are or will one day be hearing aid wearers. We want to contribute our bit to i..
Claso 15 Jan 2019 0 5397
The evolution in the world of hearing aids is unstoppable. Not only are their power, capabilities and performance advancing by leaps and bounds, but we are also discovering devices that are less and ..
Claso 08 Jan 2019 0 8273
If you usually follow this blog, you’ll have noticed that we pay special attention to hearing health in all its aspects. This means that we don’t just talk about pathologies that can affect your heari..
Claso 31 Dec 2018 0 5237
Hearing aids are products that serve an irreplaceable function today, and are an immense help to many, many people. The technology of these devices and the world of hearing in general is advancing by..
Claso 27 Dec 2018 0 4733
Although we would like it to be otherwise, for obvious reasons, life sometimes shows us realities that we would prefer not to see. This is especially true when young children are affected, as they ..
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