In October 2022 we present you Lumity, Phonak's latest platform. His elegant design and all improvements in sound and understanding that it brings to us, did not leave us indifferent at all.

In June 2023 Phonak surprised us with a new and innovative look of Lumity on Slim's version. We get one greater comfort for people who use glasses along with hearing aids and an aesthetic that made the world of fashion and the world of hearing aids merge on one only.

Today we wrote this post to inform you that Phonak is still not done with Lumity. We have more news for you.

Phonak has decided to extend the platform so that more people with hearing loss can enjoy the excellent understanding and comfort that comes with the fantastic sound of the latest Lumity platform, regardless of tastes and needs. And now we will be able to offer Naída (the BTE format) in two different powers, Sky (the BTE format for the little ones) in two different powers and the cross format.

Keep reading because we are sure that you will find this publication especially interesting. Your ears will thank you:

Brilliant conversations with Lumity

Lumity puts the focus on speech understanding. 

The new system autoSense 5.0 incorporates more than 200 system combination possibilities to optimize your hearing, thus helping you understand any conversation regardless of the environment that surrounds you at that moment.

Furthermore, thanks to Speech Sensor, when you are in very noisy places you will be able to understand speech much better, even the one that occurs to the sides or behind you.

And now people who speak lower than normal, with Speech Enhancer, will not be a problem since Lumity gives power to soft voices or distant voices in the quietest environments. In this way, the effort required to understand correctly is reduced.

But in addition to everything, thanks to his noise reducers, you can get rid of the most annoying noises and those that interfere while you are trying to listen to someone.

Connectivity for everything and for everyone

Lumity can connect directly to iOS, Android or other Bluetooth compatible phones. In fact, you can connect 8 devices and up to two simultaneously.

So you can do hands-free calling, control the audio playback, use voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant, and even use your hearing aids as wireless headphones both with your mobile phone and with many other devices such as television.

Also with the Phonak application "myPhonak app", you have all the control of your hearing in your hands. You can modify the sound of your hearing aids whenever and wherever you want. Even for Sky hearing aids, you will have access to a specific application called “myPhonak Junior” so that with it you can maintain maximum control of the hearing aids of the little ones in the house. And, have you heard about remote visits? With Lumity you no longer need to leave home to enjoy our service. In this link we talk to you in more depth about remote support.

A most intuitive design

The new design that Phonak offers us incorporates some more accessible buttons so that the patient can locate them by touch more easily. It also provides a visible LED that gives us information about the status of the battery. Yes, battery. Except with super powerful hearing aids, we can definitely forget about batteries given that Lumity hearing aids are now rechargeable and promise to last all day. This way, we can get away from concerns such as children swallowing batteries or people with handling problems not being able to put them in place.

In addition, Phonak has decided to innovate in its color repertoire. Now we will have the possibility of enjoying the Audéo and Cros hearing aids in “Precious Pink”, “Electric Green” and their “Caribbean Pirate” blue. Don't they look great to you?

We loved these hearing aids and we hope you do too.

It's clear that Phonak is trying to outdo itself on every launch and we love to offer the best to you. You have all the much more detailed information in the description of the product screen but, in case you still have any questions, do not think twice about contacting us.