It has flown by for us, and it is that, although it seems that the chimes were yesterday, we can now say goodbye to the month of January! For this reason, having "looked out" a bit at what the new year offers us, but still with 2023 ahead of us, we believe that it is the perfect moment to talk about the hearing aids that will reign this year on the market.

Phonak Audéo Lumity

Phonak launched this revolutionary platform at the end of 2022 with the focus on improving the understanding and comfort of its users, especially in noisy environments, for people with mild to profound losses. The new AutoSense 5.0 operating system incorporates more than 200 system combination possibilities to optimize your hearing, and uses artificial intelligence to detect your acoustic environment and give you the best possible sound.

In addition, the Audéo Lumity includes a new speech sensor, called Speech Sensor, which works so that you can understand speech in noisy environments much better. And of course it has Phonak's excellent universal bluetooth connectivity. All this, together with the more detectable buttons, and the fact that it is completely rechargeable, makes this hearing aid a great ally not only for those who are most daring with technology, mobile connectivity and interaction with a lot of complex environments, but also for older people with mobility difficulties.

Phonak Audéo Lumity Life

Of course, we cannot fail to mention this technological pair of the aforementioned: the Audeó Lumity in its Life version, which came to help us say goodbye to one of the worst enemies of audiologists and hearing aid users: the humidity.

Completely submersible, unlike the rest of the hearing aids on the market, the Audéo Life have additional protection in the four ports of their microphones, their joints are sealed with Gore-Tex silicone, and the internal circuitry of the hearing aid is coated with parylene. Induction charging with a lithium battery makes it even more impenetrable, and all this with the incomparable sound and clarity of a Lumity.

Phonak Virto Paradise 

Virto, Phonak's virtually invisible custom-made hearing aids, landed less than a year ago on the Paradise platform. They are completely inserted into the ear canal, so they consist of a single piece tailor-made for each person's ear, and thanks to Paradise's AutoSense 4.0, they have taken a giant step towards truly outstanding performance in models intrauricular. They can even cover severe losses, bringing together power, comfort, performance and discretion: four unbeatable characteristics if you opt for a hearing aid made to measure for you.

Bernafon Alpha, now custom made

This time, discretion also joins the exceptional trio that Bernafon had already accustomed us to: natural sound, less effort to understand speech in difficult noise and listening situations, and great comfort. Bernafon has shown that its priority is that you enjoy natural sound without having to give up brilliant understanding, and with the innovative technology of its Alpha platform, now in in-ear format, it has pitched in to make it a reality.

The sound processing system of these custom hearing aids combines different mechanisms, such as the direction of the microphones or filters to clean noise, to achieve speech clarity by working organically, balanced, without the naturalness being discussed with the powerful and precise noise reduction systems. In addition, they have connectivity to your mobile and other devices!

That's why Bernafon's new Alpha intras achieve an outstanding balance between comfort, audibility and speech understanding. Thanks to the fact that they are equipped with the revolutionary technology of Hybrid Technology, their features are more sophisticated than ever, and they constantly adapt to all the listening environments to which you are exposed on a daily basis.

Resound OMNIA

With the launch of OMNIA technology, available in RIE and miniRIE formats, Resound is undoubtedly at the forefront of the hearing revolution with a versatile, discreet solution that covers even severe losses. 

Being faithful to its philosophy of organic hearing, whose purpose is that you can listen with your hearing aids in the most similar way possible to how you would do it if you did not have hearing loss, Resound has created its new OMNIAs by implementing an innovative concept of microphone directionality: full 360º directionality.

With this new system, these hearing aids "listen" constantly, and in 360º, your environment, and locate the people around you to adjust the sensitivity and direction of their microphones towards them, wherever they are, without losing clarity.

All this means that, like Resound OMNIA, you will be able to hear up to 150% better in noise situations; quite an audiological feat, since one of the great difficulties for people with hearing loss continues to be understanding in noisy environments. Of course, it also has Bluetooth connectivity and, in addition, it is available in both rechargeable and battery formats.

So far our anticipation of what will be the best hearing aids of 2023. If you want to test for yourself how these revolutionary hearing aids can help you on a day-to-day basis, do not hesitate to request an appointment at any of our centers!